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The second nyanko war "Super Download Memorial Festival" event starts at 11:00 on Monday, May 16!


The Battle Cats", a popular smartphone game app provided by Ponos, Inc. has been downloaded a total of 71 million times and 72 million times in its series. The Battle Cats" series has been downloaded a total of 71 million and 72 million times, respectively, and the second event will start on Monday, May 16, 2022, at 11:00 a.m.!

Present & Event!

  • Chance to win up to 100 Nekokan! The "Puchiyanko Scratch Lottery" is now available!
  • Get Nyan tickets and rare tickets according to the number of times you clear a stage! The "Super-Download Anniversary Challenge" is underway!
  • For a limited time only, the appearance rate of Super Rare and Legendary Rare items in the Rare Gacha will be doubled!
  • Fight against the oncoming storms! Cyclone Festival" is now underway!
  • The Battle Cats" collaboration stage for Nintendo 3DS is back! Scoring rewards are back!
  • Chance to get a lot of Nyan Cat Tickets! NyanTicket☆Festival" will be held!
  • Chance to get a lot of experience! Super Experience Special" will be held!
  • Event stage with Nyanko Cannon development material drops! Guerrilla Excavation Festival" will be held!
  • Launch "The Battle Cats" app during the event period and you will receive 20 Nekocans every day!

The second event is just as exciting as the first "Super Download Anniversary" event! Let's play until the event ends on Monday, May 23rd at 10:59pm!

The "Super-Download Anniversary Challenge" is also being held as the highlight event of the "Super-Download Anniversary"!

超ダウンロード記念祭チャレンジ PR TIMES

The "Super Download Anniversary Challenge", the highlight event from the first "Super Download Anniversary", will continue to be held.

In this challenge event, a "Nyanko Ticket" or "Rare Ticket" is given away for every 10 million times a player clears a stage during the period, with a maximum of 4 "Nyanko Tickets" and 3 "Rare Tickets". This is an extraordinary event where you can get up to 4 "Nyanko Tickets" and 3 "Rare Tickets" for a total of 7 tickets. This event has already exceeded 18 million times. Let's work together to clear 71 million times!

For more information about "The Battle Cats," please visit Nyanko Portal.


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