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Network Recorder & Media Storage "nasne" Revival! We plan to support PS5 until the end of 2021!


In the days when hard disk recorders were still expensive, many gamers must have been indebted to " torne " and " nasne ", which could be used with PS3 and PS4.
It is a revolutionary item that allows you to record and watch TV using the PS3 and PS4 systems you already use, and it was a big hit because it was reasonably priced.
Incidentally, a PS3 and torne are still in use as recorders at the author's home.
The "nasne" was especially popular because it could be used with smartphones, tablets, and PS Vita via the network even from remote locations, but it was sadly discontinued in 2019.
In 2020, while users were still mourning, it was announced that Buffalo would take over the sale of nasne, creating quite a buzz. While we are still waiting for further news, information about the new "nasne" has been announced!

The new "nasne" has been reborn and reappeared!

バッファロー公式サイト プレスリリース

Buffalo's new " nasne " is a network recorder and media storage device equipped with a terrestrial digital/satellite digital (BS/110°CS digital) tuner.
While inheriting the performance and convenience of SEA's "nasne," which was on sale until 2019, it has evolved to meet the needs of the era of high image quality and high-speed networking by increasing storage capacity and revamping smartphone-compatible displays.

バッファロー公式サイト プレスリリース

While SEE's nasne had a 1TB internal HDD and up to 2TB of external storage, Buffalo's nasne has increased the internal HDD capacity to 2TB!
In addition, the external storage supports up to 6TB and is compatible with SSD as well as HDD.
The maximum capacity of 2TB internal HDD + 6TB external storage is 8TB, so you don't have to worry about the capacity, reduce the picture quality, or delete programs that you haven't watched yet.

バッファロー公式サイト プレスリリース

Of course, the nasne's strength of smartphone apps has been inherited, and the "torne mobile " TV app for iPhone/iPad offers improved HD quality (720p) from SIE's "nasne", and the "torne mobile" TV app for Android offers improved 720p quality from SIE's "nasne". The "torne mobile" TV app for Android continues to be supported.
Unfortunately, a single unit does not seem to be able to record all programs or multiple programs in the same time period, but if you connect multiple Buffalo and SIE nasne units together, simultaneous recording will be possible. This is quite a feat!

バッファロー公式サイト プレスリリース

Buffalo's "nasne" will be compatible with PS4 and will be released at the end of March 2021! The price will be 29,800 yen (tax included).
It will be available at the official Buffalo store on Amazon, so wait a little longer for its release!
If you are a PS user and are thinking about purchasing a recorder, you can easily add nasne to your current environment and get a TV recording environment.
For more information on Buffalo's nasne, please visit the product page!

PS5 will be supported by the end of 2021!

Buffalo nasne is only compatible with PS4 at the time of its release at the end of March 2021, but it will be compatible with PS5 by the end of the 2021 sales season!
SIE will be distributing a TV application called "torne" for PS5, which will allow the combination of nasne and PS5!
What's even more exciting is that not only the upcoming Buffalo nasne, but also the nasne sold by SEA can be used with PS5, so those who are currently using nasne can smoothly transition to PS5!
Although this is quite exciting news, we expect the delivery date to be around November or December 2021, as it will be during the end of the 2021 commercial season.
PS5 users will have to wait a little longer after the launch of Buffalo nasne, but they can afford to wait that long for the arrival of the divine app!
For more information on the P55 version of torne, please check out the SIE announcement!


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