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A lodging plan exclusively for players participating in the CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024, a collaboration between Keio and JCG, is now on sale!

「京王 Presents JCG CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN」参加選手限定宿泊プランが登場!申込受付中!

Keio Kanko Co., Ltd. has announced a special accommodation plan exclusively for participants of the " Keio Presents JCG CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN " to be held on November 2 (Sat) and 3 (Sun), 2024. The plan starts at 9,500 yen per night, making it a great deal for those attending from afar!

「CAPCOM CUP 11」への出場権をかけた「CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN」エントリー開始!

"CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024" players-only convenient lodging plans are now on sale!

宿泊プランの発売が開始PR TIMES

A special accommodation plan for "Keio Presents JCG CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN" participants has been announced. This tournament attracts fierce competitors from all over the country who will be competing for the right to participate in "CAPCOM CUP 11," but due to the season of autumn foliage and the many events and festivities that will be held, it can be difficult to secure a hotel room and the rates can be higher than usual. A special accommodation plan has been released for participants from such distant places so that they can play the tournament in comfort and peace of mind.

The accommodations will be available not only at Tobitakyu Station on the Keio Line, which is the closest station to Musashino no Mori Sports Plaza, the venue of the tournament, but also at Shinjuku, Ichigaya, Hachioji Station on the Keio Line, and other locations with easy access to the venue. The number of nights of accommodation can be selected from Friday, November 1, 2024, the day before the event, to Monday, November 4, the day after the end of the event, ranging from one to four nights, depending on your needs. You can arrive the day before the event to get in shape, of course, but you can also refresh yourself by sightseeing in Tokyo after the event is over. Accommodation rates vary from hotel to hotel, but some hotels offer rates as low as 9,500 yen per night. Depending on the location, you may be able to stay at a very reasonable price, so make reservations as soon as you decide to compete!

Reservations are being accepted from July 1!

Special accommodation plans exclusively for entering athletes are available for application from Monday, July 1, 2024 to Monday, September 30, 20 24. Payment is due by Monday, October 7, 2024, so don't forget to make your payment as well. When applying, you will also need the entry code issued by start.gg. Please note that this is for entry players only, and no shared rooms are allowed. Some hotels are already booked up, so please make your reservations as soon as possible so you can focus on the tournament! Please check the application page for details on the application process, accommodation plans, and a list of accommodations.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

139951「京王 Presents JCG CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN」参加選手限定宿泊プランが登場!申込受付中!
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