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"Daisangokushi" is a "night cherry blossom" Valentine's day event! Limited warlord call, new content


The simulation mobile game " Great Three Kingdoms " will hold the "Yozakura" Valentine's Day event starting February 10! In addition to the appearance of limited edition female generals and images for Valentine's Day, "Memo Book of Feelings" and "Densho Pigeon Ramblings" contents will also be available, and gorgeous rewards await you!

Limited Warlords and Image Store


From 12:00 on February 11 to 23:59 on February 16, "The Great Three Kingdoms" will open a "Lover" recruitment (recruitment of female generals limited to ★4 or higher) in the game, and a Valentine's Day limited image store will also be implemented, with " Houyi ", " HanDiao Chan," "Diao Chan," " Jiao Luo," " Cao Pi, " and others will appear in new forms. The "Ranzakura Huayue" image depicts her beautiful and graceful appearance.

Hear her reminisce and talk about her feelings experienced on her journey.


In conjunction with Valentine's Day, an event themed " Memories of the Great Three Kingdoms for You " will be held at the Museum of Feelings from February 10 to February 20. You can also send and reply to the stories.

In the "Notepad of Feelings," voice actor Shogo Nishihara reads from a notepad.

In the "Notepad of Feelings" section, 20 stories related to feelings prepared by "The Great Three Kingdoms" will be available. For the first time, voice actor Shogo Nishihara will be reading from the book. The Lord Keeper expects you to vote and comment on the pieces that resonate with Mr. Nishihara's expression. Each person can vote 10 times each day, and at the end of the event, the text with the highest number of votes will win the Best Feeling Story award and receive a random Valentine's Day blessing surprise from the warlord once for each comment left!

Send and reply to your feelings with the "Pigeon Letter"!


In the "Densho Dove Rambling " event, the lord can send a dove to express his feelings, or receive and reply to doves sent by other players. During the event period, the lord can send 5 doves every day and receive 5 doves, with a certain probability of winning an Amazon gift certificate number!

Take a break from the battlefields of the "Great Three Kingdoms" and experience the Valentine's season for yourself!

For more information, please visit the official website of "The Great Three Kingdoms".


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