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Shaka and SPYGEA graduate from the pro gaming team "DETONATOR"!


DETONATOER, a professional gaming team, has announced the graduation of two popular streamers , SHAKA and SPYGEA, at the end of September 2021.
Both of them were members of Twitch's streamer section, and are currently active in FPS games such as "Apex Legends" and "VALORANT".

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As for their future, SHAKA will continue to be supported exclusively by GamingD, while SPYGEA will work as a freelancer.

DETONATOR explained the team's trend as follows.

"We want to constantly evolve without stagnation and without fear of change."
We believe that the best relationship for both parties is not to keep them in a box, but to help them grow, support them in becoming independent, and build a good relationship with them afterwards.


Comments from the two

SHAKA's comment


On his Twitch channel, SHAKA says

  • That there has been little change in the delivery
  • That the team has proposed his graduation.
  • that he has no intention of joining another team.

and that he has no intention to join another team at the moment.

SPYGEA's Comment

SPYGEA uploaded a video on his YouTube channel to report his graduation from the team.
In the video, SPYGEA says

  • Thoughts of wanting to be a freelancer
  • To post on Twitch and YouTube as always
  • Memories from his days as a player

and more.

SPYGEA also mentioned his fear of becoming a freelancer and being called "unemployed.
(He jokingly called his former teammate StylishNoob, who graduated from DETONATOR in March 2021 and went freelance, " unemployed.)

And he was firmly incited back.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

SHAKA appointed as general manager of pro gaming team DETONATOR! ? New services on the theme of games and education, games and advertisements will also be developed!
SHAKA appointed as general manager of pro gaming team DETONATOR! ? New services on the the...

The streamer fly playing an active part in game delivery site Twitch for a popular professional gamer and a general manager of professional gaming team DETONATO

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