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It also supports the official tournaments of popular game titles St-V, KOF15 and GGST! If you predict the winner and win, a service that you can receive an Amazon gift by lottery appears!


Melmex Corporation, which operates a lawyer and judicial scrivener search service and a human resource service business, has released "Donate + eSports (abbreviation: Donesport)," a lottery in which players who predict the winner of an eSports tournament, mainly fighting games, will receive points redeemable for Amazon gifts. Donate + eSports ( abbreviated as " donespot ")," which gives away points that can be exchanged for Amazon gifts by lottery if the winner of an eSports tournament, mainly fighting games, is predicted correctly.

Support for official tournaments of popular gaming games by well-known IP holders.

Donate + eSportsDonate + eSports

Currently, "Donate + eSports " handles eSports tournaments centered on fighting games.

The tournaments handled include the official Arc System Works tournament "ARCREVO Japan & Korea 2021," SNK's official tournament "KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series," Capcom's official tournament "Capcom Pro Tour 2022," and other well-known eSports tournaments. Tour 2022", and other official tournaments of popular fighting games of well-known IP holders.

It is very rare that game title images and tournament images can be used without any citation or copyright notice, even though the company operating the service is a for-profit corporation.
When checking the terms of use, "Article 13 Handling of Contents" states that "We own the rights to all contents provided by this service," so one wonders what the rights to game titles, tournament information, and player information are. It is easy to register.

Registration is easy, and smartphone apps are also supported.

Donate + eSportsDonate + eSports

The privacy policy states, "When you register, we may ask you for personal information such as your name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account number, credit card number, and driver's license number. However, members can register only with an e-mail address.
If you register with an e-mail address, you will receive an authentication number from "[email protected]" and enter it to complete your registration.
You will receive 5 tickets when you register and 1 ticket when you log in, so you can get 6 tickets in total when you register.

The web server of 会員登録時の認証番号を送付するメールの送信元メールアドレスのドメインは@gmail.comだが is Conoha of GMO group, and the Received: from is the same IP address as the IP address in the A record of donate-esports.com. Conoha's reverse host domain wfzd.static.cnode.io.
Incidentally, the domain registrar is also GMO Group's Mood Domain.

You can get one ticket if you invite your friends, so if you have acquaintances or friends who are interested, you should invite them.
A dedicated application is also available on the App Store and Google Play, so you can easily use the service from your smartphone.

How the service works

Donate + eSportsDonate + eSports

Donets will be awarded by drawing among those who predict the winner of the tournament and get it right.
In addition, one Donetto is accumulated for every 10 times a player "cheers" using a ticket (voting ticket), so that players can accumulate Donetto just by cheering without predicting the winner.
The accumulated Donets can be exchanged for Amazon Gifts from "Doneto Exchange" on My Page.

Can it also be used as a team and player directory?

Donate + eSportsDonate + eSports

The "Donate + eSports" site contains PLAYER information, and as of June 20, 2022, there are 299 registered players.
The site includes player names, portraits (or icons), competition titles, achievements, and various links, and can be viewed without registering as a member, so it can be used as a player directory as well.

What is surprising is that the service has collected information on as many as 299 names in the short time since its release.
It is notable that the competition title of a well-known SAMURAI SHODOWN and KOFXV player is "Granblue Fantasy Versus," and in the case of "DetonatioN Gaming," there is no team listed on the official website. In the case of "DetonatioN Gaming," only "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" is listed without the team listed on the official website.
If the teams were listed without permission by referring to the official site, this would not be possible, so it is likely that the teams are listed at the request of players and teams.

Since there is only one player listed for KOFXV, which is currently very popular and is the title of a tournament handled by the service, the convenience of the site will improve as the number of players increases in the future.

Expectations for Future Service Development

As mentioned above, tickets (ballots) can be obtained by logging in or by invitation, but the service also has a " Notation regarding the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions " page, which includes a section on sales prices.
The contents of the page reads, "The price varies depending on the content. The price will be displayed on the purchase screen of each content. The price includes consumption tax. This means that it may be possible to purchase tickets for a fee in the future.
If so, there will be a possibility to predict the winner with the purchased tickets and get a lot of donets (Amazon gifts).
We look forward to the development and expansion of Donespot in the future.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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