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Full release of "Kanino Fight Fight -Fight Crab-" where crabs fight each other with weapons is decided!

カニが武器を持って殴り合う「カニノケンカ -Fight Crab-」のフルリリースが決定!

The word "game" means a lot of different genres of games released by various manufacturers, and the number of such games is as large as the number of stars.
In addition to big titles from well-known companies, indie game makers and individuals can now release games on a wide variety of platforms with relative ease compared to the past.
Fight of Animals," a favorite of Saiga NAK, is also a smash hit worldwide, and was created by Taiwanese indie game developer Digital Crafter.
The world of indie games is a deep and fascinating one, especially with games that have outrageous ideas that are not released by well-known game makers.
One such game, "Kanino Kenka -Fight Crab-" is now available for full release!

What is "Kanino Kenka -Fight Crab-"?

Fight Crab " is a competitive action game produced by Carappa Games, LLC.
You control a crab that moves by physics simulation, and the rule is that you win by overturning your opponent, but of course it is not just a crab.

Somewhere, in a world different from this one, crabs, endowed by God with intelligence and power, have taken human weapons and taken control of the earth.
The crabs were invulnerable and could not be killed by sword or gun.
But there was only one law of the shell that no one could defy: "He who puts his back to the earth shall lose.
He who puts his back to the earth loses.
Yes, he who is turned upside down in a fight must give in.
Now you set out on a journey to become the strongest crab and turn everything upside down.

"カニノケンカ -Fight Crab-"公式サイト

The game's setting is already off-the-chart!
The game is a crazy game, to say the least, where you fight wielding a variety of weapons from swords, guns, chainsaws, and even a lightsaber.
The Early Access version was released on itch.io and BOOTH in August 2019, and many of you may have seen the game in action due to its crazy content.

It's now officially released on each platform!

KANINOKENKA -Fight Crab-" was scheduled for release in the summer of 2020, but now the official release date has been announced for each platform!
The Steam version will be released on Thursday, July 30, 2020 from PLAYISM for 1,980 yen, and the Nintendo Switch version will be released on Thursday, August 20, 2020 from Carappa Games for 2,400 yen for the download version and4,378 yen for the package version from Mastiff.
The Nintendo Switch version has been delayed for release outside of Japan, and a release outside of Japan has not been determined at this time, so those living outside of Japan should enjoy the Steam version.

The full release version will be significantly more powerful in many areas!
23 crabs and 48 different weapons! More play styles to explore!
In addition to 1v1, 2v2, online and offline competitive modes, there are 7 detailed tutorials + 7 chapters and 34 battles in the campaign mode, with a huge boss crab at the end of the chapter.
The game is fun enough to play alone, complete with cooperative play. It has selectable difficulty levels, Wave-based challenge stages, and a whole lot of bliss!
This type of game is fun to play together, so the Saiga NAK editorial team must purchase a copy!

Finalists for the "Kyoto eSports Game Awards"!

KANINOKENKA -Fight Crab-" is one of the six finalists for the " Kyoto eSports Game Awards " that we recently announced on Saiga NAK.

「京都eスポーツサミット2020 Summer ~京都eスポーツゲーム大賞授賞式~」開催!

Will this game, which is eagerly awaited for its full release, be selected as the grand prize winner of the "Kyoto eSports Game Awards"? Don't miss the "Kyoto eSports Game Awards Ceremony" on Saturday, June 27, 2020 from 12:30 to 15:00.
For more information about "KANINOKENKA -Fight Crab-", please check the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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