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The "Haragami" event prayer was held! Limited ★5 "Clorinde" and "Alheisen", new ★4 "Setos" and more!


COGNOSPHERE, Inc. is currently holding an event prayer in the multi-platform open-world RPG "Genshin Impact" featuring limited 5★ characters " Clorinde (Lightning) ", " Alheisen (Grass) " and new 4★ character "Setos (Lightning)". 4 " Sethos (Lightning)" and other characters are now available at the "Genshin" event. An event where limited ★4 weapons and gemstones can be obtained will also be held from June 7, 2024 (Friday).

New 5★5 "Clorinde", limited 5★5 "Alheisen" and new 4★4 "Setos" will appear in the event prayer!


Starting Wednesday, June 5, 2024, "Clorinde" and "Alheisen" are now available for event prayers. The event will be held from Wednesday, June 5, 2024 after the update to Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 18:59. During this period, the probability of appearance of pickup characters will be greatly increased, so do not miss this opportunity.

Event Prayer Character "Ryugumo Piercing the Night" (Japanese only)

(★5)Clorinde, the hunter of shadows carrying a candle flame

(★5)燭火を携えた影の狩人・クロリンデPR TIMES
  • God's eye: Lightning
  • Weapon: One-handed sword

◆Elemental Skill "Night Hunt Patrol": Clorinde enters a "night patrol" state in which he fights with a combination of sword and gun after completing his loading. In this state, Clorinde's normal attack is a gunshot "hunting", and the damage dealt is changed to lightning elemental damage that does not change to other elements due to elemental infliction. However, heavy fire is no longer possible. Also, pressing the elemental skill button while in the "night tour" mode will cause the attacker to perform a "piercing the night," which will cause a thrusting sword attack that deals lightning elemental damage. Damage from these methods is considered normal attack damage. The "Night Tour" state will be removed when Clorinde exits. If the contract of life is at 0%, he will perform a thrusting sword attack. If her life contract is less than 100% of her maximum HP, Clorinde's HP will be restored based on the value of her own life contract. In addition, the attack range and damage dealt by the piercing night are increased. If the contract of life is more than 100% of her HP limit, she will perform a perforated night - contract, which will heal more of Clorinde's HP. In addition, the attack range and damage inflicted will also be greater. Also, when Clorinde is in a night tour, the healing effects other than piercing night are nullified, and instead she grants herself a contract of life of a certain percentage of the amount of recovery. Arcae: Wuxia When Clorinde's rushing attacks hit, a gushing blade is summoned at the hit location, dealing lightning elemental damage tinged with wuxia. Can be activated at regular intervals. ◆Elemental Explosion "Fading Afterglow" grants himself a life contract based on his HP limit. After that, it attacks quickly with sword and gun, and inflicts lightning elemental damage.


(★4) Sethos, Measurer of Wisdom

(★4)知恵のはかり手・セトスPR TIMES
  • God's Eye: Lightning
  • Weapon: Bow

◆Elemental Skill: "Kogi, Narusuna Check Thunder": Gathers roaring thunder to deal lightning elemental range damage and quickly retreats. If this attack causes electrocution, superconductivity, overload, original intensification, super intensification, super bloom, or lightning elemental spread reaction on the enemy, Setos regains a certain amount of elemental energy. Elemental Explosion "Secret Meditation Light Penetrating Shadow": Performs a secret ritual and enters a state of "quiet contemplation shadow". During this state, Setos' normal attack becomes an arrow that pierces the enemy. It deals lightning elemental damage to enemies in its path and increases the damage it deals based on Setos' elemental mastery. While in this state, Sethos is no longer able to aim. Damage from meditative string arrows is considered heavy strike damage. This state is removed when Setos exits.


(★4)Bennet, the touchstone of destiny

(★4)運命の試金石・ベネットPR TIMES
  • God's Eye: Flame
  • Weapon: One-handed sword

(★4) Toma, a migratory caretaker

(★4)渡来介者・トーマPR TIMES
  • God's Eye: Flame
  • Weapon: long-handled weapon

Event Prayer Character 2: "The Imperial Cardinal's Plan" (Japanese)

(★5)Alheisen, the plotting and teaching

(★5)権謀教戒・アルハイゼンPR TIMES
  • God's Eye: Grass
  • Weapon: One-handed sword

Elemental Skill: "Eidoso, Idea Copying" - Rushes forward quickly, dealing elemental grass damage to surrounding enemies and agglomerating "Takukoumagami" when it ends. Elemental Explosion "Special Boundary" creates a special boundary and deals multiple rounds of elemental grass damage. When activated, if you have Taku Kagami, it will consume all Taku Kagami to increase the number of times it deals damage.


The "Event Prayer Character 2" will also pick up the ★4 characters "Setos, Measurer of Wisdom," "Bennet, Touchstone of Destiny," and "Thomas, Transmigratory Mediator.

The campaign will run from Wednesday, June 5, 2024 (after the June 5, 2024 update) to Tuesday, June 25, 2024 (18:59).

Event prayer and weapon "Shin cast excerpts" will be held!


In the event prayer weapon "Divine Casting", the appearance rate of the new ★5 weapon "One-Handed Sword, Forgiveness" and the limited ★5 weapon "One-Handed Sword, Eonshitsu no Kajiba" will be greatly increased.

Pickup Weapons (★5)

  • One-Handed Sword: Forgiveness
  • One-handed sword "Eternal Light Leaf

Pickup Weapon (★4)

  • "Ritual sword, one-handed" (★4)
  • Two-handed sword, great sword of rites
  • "Wandering movement," a legal weapon
  • Bow "Zengen
  • Long-handled weapon: "Thousand-rock long spear".

The event will run from Wednesday, June 5, 2024 (after the update) to Tuesday, June 25, 2024 (at 18:59).

New missions added!

New mission "The Devil's Mission: Chapter 4, Act 6 "Bedtime Story" will be opened!

魔神任務 第四章・第六幕"ベッドタイムストーリー"PR TIMES

After the June 5, 2024 (Wed.) update, the new Demon Mission Chapter 4, Act 6 "Bedtime Story" will finally be opened. We are very excited to see what travelers will experience from now on. The conditions for the opening of the "Bedtime Story" are an Adventure Rank of 40 or higher and completion of the Demon Mission Chapter 4, Act 5, "The Sinner's Round Dance.

Clorinde's legendary mission "Chapter of the Rapier" opens!

レイピアの章PR TIMES

After the update on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, Clorinde's legendary mission "The Rapier Chapter, Act 1" will be opened. We hope to learn more about Clorinde through this legendary mission! The conditions for opening the mission are: Adventure Rank 40 or higher, and clearing the "Demon's Mission: Chapter 4, Act 5 "Round Dance of Sinners".

New Event!

You can get limited ★4 weapons! Event "Firm Defense Exercise" will be held!

From June 7, 2024 (Friday), a new event, "Defensive Drill" will be held. During the event, two types of stages, "Offensive Exercise" and "Defensive Exercise," will be released, and players will earn "Analysis Progress" by clearing each stage. By completing each stage, players will earn "Analysis Progress." By increasing their "Analysis Progress," players will be able to exchange the event's limited-edition 4-star weapon, "Bow Chikumo," for refining materials, raw stones, crowns of wisdom, and experience as a great hero, so be sure to complete the stages. To participate in the event, you must have an Adventure Rank of 20 or higher and have cleared "Song of the Dragon and Freedom," the third chapter of the Demon Mission, and the event will run from Friday, June 7, 2024 at 11:00 to Monday, June 17, 2024 at 4:59.

Event "Pen and Fancy Journey" will be held!

From June 18, 2024 (Tuesday), the event "Pen and Imaginary Journey" will be held. For three days from the event start date, two new challenges will be opened each day, for a total of six challenges. By clearing the challenges, participants will be able to earn rewards such as gemstones, experience of great heroes, and materials for training natural gifts, so let's aim to clear the challenges. The participation requirement is Adventure Rank 20 or higher, and the event will be held from Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 11:00 to Monday, June 24, 2024 at 4:59.

Genshin Impact" Ver. 4.7 update has been implemented, and in addition to the opening of new characters and new missions, bug fixes and various adjustments and improvements have been implemented. For more information on the Ver. 4.7 update, please visit the official "Genshin Impact" website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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