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When it gets wet in water, a swimsuit ...? "DOAXVV" will hold "Jewel Amethyst" to commemorate "Kasumi" birthday!


DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" (DOAXVV), a part of the Dead or Alive series, has launched the "Kasumi" birthday celebration today, February 23. The Jewel Codes "Jewel Amethyst" will be held to commemorate the birthday of "Kasumi".

Promise to be opened

Jewel Amethyst" changes its color when wetted with water.

The "Jewel Amethyst" event commemorating "Kasumi's" birthday will be held until February 29th (Sat.) at 23:59.
The following promo items are available


Get the "Veil of Grapes" by maxing out your skills and winning the festival!


You can get "Grape Veil ", a special veil hairstyle for "Kasumi", by awakening her skills to the maximum level, setting it on her Fes Codes, and winning one of the Fes.


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When it gets wet in water, a swimsuit ...? "DOAXVV" holds "Jewel Corde" "Jewel Amethyst" to commemorate "Fiona" birthday!
When it gets wet in water, a swimsuit ...? "DOAXVV" holds "Jewel Corde"...

"DOAXVV" facts of a dead or series alive "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation (dead Or Alive Extreme Venus Vacation)" began to hold JUE

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