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Pictures with Mario at Narita Airport! Experience Nintendo Check-In!

Pictures with Mario at Narita Airport! Experience Nintendo Check-In!

The Nintendo Check In is set to open June 29th in Narita Airport Terminal 1's Visitor Service Center.

Narita Airport is located in Chiba, Japan and is the biggest provider of flights in the country.

Nintendo Check In

Nintendo Check In
Nintendo Check In
Nintendo Release Page

Nintendo Check In will be a space where guests can try out Nintendo games and take pictures with Mario and famous props like the infamous green pipes from the games.
The foreign popularity of Nintendo games will no doubt make this a great first destination for travelers to Japan, allowing fans to take pictures with and meet Mario and his friends.

"Photo With Mario Event"

During the first two days of opening, Nintendo Check In will hold a Mario Photo Competition. (June 29th and 30th)
Special Japanese Uchiwa will be given out to guests who come by Nintendo Check In on these days, so it might be a good idea to stop by!
There will also be a chance to get a picture with Mario on July 27th and 28th at Kansai International Airport.

"Photo Session with Mario" Details
Dates Saturday, June 29th ~ Sunday June 30th
Time 1. 10:30
2. 12:00
3. 13:30
4. 15:00
Attention: Please note that large crowds are possible, and time changes, earlier than scheduled ending, or event cancellations may take place without notice.

Venue Nintendo Check In Space

Be Welcomed by Mario!

Nintendo Check In
Nintendo Check In
Nintendo Press Release Page

In a move that you'll never forget, the arrival passageway in terminal one of the airport will have a special Mario Family design on June 29th only!

Regardless of age, it'll definitely be a sight for all travelers to Narita.

Mario Family Welcome
Date Saturday, June 29th
Place Narita Airport Terminal 1 Arrivals Passage
Attention Limited to passengers that arrive through international flights only.

Nintento Becomes Japan's Welcome Mat

Nintendo Check In
Nintendo Check In
Nintendo Press Release Page

Due to the popularity of Nintendo all across the world, there are high hopes that Nintendo Check In will help appeal Japan to people around the world, while giving returnees to the country a sense of relaxation, feeling that they've returned home once again.
There are of course more possibilities of Nintendo events going on at Narita Airport in the future, so check often, especially when you're planning a trip to Japan!

See the Nintendo Press Release Page for more details.

Nintendo Check In
Location Terminal 1 Central Building 1st Floor Visitor Service Center
Closest Station Narita Airport Station(JR East・Keisei Line・Narita Access Line)
Hours 10:30~17:30
Playable Games Five Nintendo Switch Titles
Attention Currently On-sale Titles Only
Please note there will be no selling of Nintendo Games or Consoles.
The event is not limited to those who arrive by plane. All guests may participate.

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