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The release date of atlas × Vanillaware's new work "Thirteen Aircraft Defense Zone" is finally decided!


Vanillaware, the company that has created numerous masterpieces such as "Odin Sphere," "Oboro Muramasa," and "Dragon's Crown," has teamed up with Atlus to create a new game, "13th Airborne Defense Circle," and it's been quite a while since the announcement of the game. It's been a long time since the announcement of the new game, "The Thirteen Armies Defense Sphere".
In March 2019, a paid demo version of the game was released to experience the first part of the adventure, but there has been no new information since then.
A new PV has been released and new information has been announced!

What is the "Thirteen Soldiers Defense Bloc"?

13 Soldiers Defense Sphere

A dramatic adventure game set in a fictional Japan in the 1980's about 13 boys and girls fighting against their destiny to perish.
There is an adventure part "Reminiscence" in Vanillaware's unique 2D world, and a battle part "Collapse" with giant robots called "Kibyou", although the details are unknown.
In the PV released this time, there is a video that looks like the "Collapse Arc".

13 Soldiers Defense Sphere
13 Soldiers Defense Sphere

Additional information will be announced during the live broadcast.

十三機兵防衛圏 生放送SP!
The 13th Airborne Defense Circle Live Broadcast SP!

Additional information will be broadcasted on YouTube and Periscope under the title "13th Air Defense Sphere Live Broadcast SP!
The broadcast will take place today, Thursday, July 18, 2019! The pre-broadcast will begin at 18:00 and the full program will be delivered at 20:00!
We can't wait to see what the live broadcast will be about with all these gorgeous guests!

Youtube URL :https://youtu.be/QhMtKZwixDY
Periscope URL : https://www.pscp.tv/Atlus_jp/1ynJORpjoRlGR

Sale of Atlus x Vanillaware titles will also start!

Commemorative sale of "The 13th Air Defense Force" pre-order start!

To coincide with this announcement, a sale is being held on the PlayStation Store to commemorate the start of pre-orders for "The 13th Airborne Defense Force"!
The "Thirteen Soldiers Defense Circle Digital Arch ives," which includes "Thirteen Soldiers Defense Circle Prologue," a paid trial of "Thirteen Soldiers Defense Circle," an original theme, and avatars, will be on sale for 1,058 yen, or 740 yen, a 30% discount!
Odin Sphere Ravus Rassil Campaign Pack", which includes "Odin Sphere Ravus Rassil" and "Thirteen Soldiers Defense Circle Prologue", is now available for 30 percent off from 4,298 yen to 3,008 yen!
Dragon's Crown Pro Campaign Pack", which includes "Dragon's Crown Pro" and "The Thirteen Armies Defense Sphere Prologue", is now available for 4,298 yen, down 30% to 3, 008 yen!

The sale will last from today, Thursday, July 18, 2019 to Wednesday, August 21, 2019, so don't be caught off guard and forget to buy it just because you have a month to spare!
For more details, please visit the " Thirteen Machine Defense Spaces" Pre-order Commemorative Sale page!

Reservations for the full version are now open!

十三機兵防衛圏 プレミアムボックス
13 Soldiers Defense Circle Premium Box

"The Thirteen Machine Guard" will be released on Thursday, November 28, 2019, and pre-orders are now open on the PlayStation Store and Amazon.
The PlayStation Store's DL version is priced at 9,678 yen for the standard edition and 12,938 yen for the premium edition.
The package version on Amazon is priced at 9,878 yen for the standard edition and 16,478 yen for the 13th Air Defense Circle Premium Box.
Each will come with a first-come, first-served purchase bonus copy of Thirteen Troops Defense Circle Digital Art Works.

The Premium Edition on the PlayStation Store will also include the "13th Airborne Defense Circle Digital Secret File" and the "13th Airborne Defense Circle Original Theme & Avatar Set & quot;quot;quot;. The package version is priced at 9,000 yen for the standard version and 9,000 yen for the Premium Edition.
The regular edition is priced at 9,878 yen, while the Premium Box comes with the "13th Airborne Defense Circle" Secret File <132ページ>, 2nd Generation Type 13 Paper Craft Model Kit, DLC Original Theme & Avatar Set, and a special box. The quantity of this item is limited, so don't delay!

What kind of game will it be?

Not much information has been revealed so far about "13th Air Defense Sphere," and there are still many mysteries about what kind of game it will actually be.
Whether or not new information will be revealed on the renewed "13th Air Defense Force" official website or on tonight's "13th Air Defense Force Live Broadcast SP!
Let's look forward to it!


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