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"IKEAxROG" gaming furniture is also available in Hong Kong! Experience is also possible at esports facilities


With the Corona disaster, the demand for gaming furniture that also allows for effortless PC work is increasing as people work from home and spend more time at home these days.
Gaming furniture is expensive, and it is hard to get it right, but the entry of IKEA, which offers high quality furniture at reasonable prices, is about to change the situation!
We have been hearing about IKEA's gaming furniture for a while now, but this collaboration with ASUS' gaming label, ROG, is something we cannot take our eyes off of!
IKEA gaming furniture was launched in Japan on April 29th, and will be available in Hong Kong in early October.
To celebrate the launch, an IKEA x ROG gaming furniture launch event was held on October 7 ate-sports facility "CGA Stadium in Mong Kok.
Free trial is also available at the special gaming room in the facility until November.

Experience the gaming room at CGA Stadium

Tianxie Zhang (MC) Xiangcheng Zhao (Ben)
"IKEAxROG" Press Release

In addition to the IKEAxROG collaboration products, other IKEA gaming furniture was also introduced at the launch event on October 7.
The IKEAxROG collaboration series, UPPSPEL series, and IKEA's own series, UTESPELARE, are all very attractive and cost-effective.
At the event, famous singers Zhang Tianxi (MC), Zhao Xiangcheng (Ben), and Guo Jiaying (Michelle) were invited to the booth for a hands-on experience.

A special gaming room was set up in the CGA Stadium, where visitors could experience the game for one hour free of charge if they made a reservation.
In the gaming room, you can try out IKEA gaming furniture as well as ROG devices!

The new "IKEAxROG" UPPSPEL series

IKEAxROG "IKEAxROG" Press Release

IKEA currently has 6 gaming furniture series, and one of them, the UPPSPEL series, is a collaboration with R OG.
Inspired by the collaboration with ROG, IKEA has since released a number of gaming furniture products.
All of them are designed not only for gaming, but also for everyday use, making them accessible to light users.

IKEA x ROG collaboration products

UPPSPEL Drawer unit with casters HKD$899.0
"IKEAxROG" Press Release
UPPSPEL Game desk HKD$4,690.0
"IKEAxROG" Press Release
UPPSPEL CPU stand with casters HKD$119.0
"IKEAxROG" Press Release
UPPSPEL Collection case HKD$649.0
"IKEAxROG" Press Release

IKEA and other selected products

UTESPELARE Game chair HKD$990.0
"IKEAxROG" Press Release

Come and experience it for yourself!

Mong Kok CGA Competitive Pavilion
"IKEAxROG" Press Release

Experience for 1 hour at CGA Stadium, one of the largest e-sports facilities in Hong Kong and one of the largest in Asia!
Reservations are required through the special "IKEAxROG" gaming room experience website, but you will receive an IKEA coupon after the experience.
The Saiga NAK editorial team will go to experience the room and will post a review of the experience in a future issue of the magazine!

Check ASUS ROG orIKEA 's Facebook for the latest updates!


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