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Models, actresses and game lovers! Takashima Asuka opens a home gaming room of too stylish Gachi!


She is active as a model and actress, and ranked first in the 17th annual ranking of favorite weathercasters/meteorologists.
And if anyone loves games, it's Asuka Kijima!
She recently graduated from her position as a weathercaster on the morning information program ZIP, which she had been serving since April 2017, and some of you may have felt a little sad to see the mornings go by.
Asuka Kijima is active as a model and actress, but she is also known for her love of video games!
She has her own official YouTube channel, " Asuka-sanchi.Asuka Kijima has also appeared in various tournaments, including the " Commufa Cup," an e-sports tournament held by Chubu Telecommunications Co.
In 2021, her video showing her gaming environment at home received a huge response with 1.76 million views, and her new gaming room that she posted on Instagram recently became a topic of conversation for its stylishness.

The too-stylish gaming room is now open to the public!

Gaming Room

Asuka Kijima's gaming room, which was revealed this time, has blue lighting as its base and white furniture.
In the video, Asuka Kijima talks about her PC, chairs, and other furniture in her gaming room, as well as why she uses white as the base color.
In the introduction video, Asuka's cat appears and she introduces her own handmade shelves, which she is a little shy about, saying, "They are so full of handmade things.

For more details, check out "Asuka-san's house. For more details, check out "Asuka-sanchi.

Gaming Room

Asuka Kijima's gaming room is now on view on the official YouTube channel " Asuka-sanchi. Asuka Kijima's gaming room is now available to the public on her official YouTube channel, "Asuka-sanchi.
We think it will be a great reference for those who are thinking of building a gaming room or changing the look of their gaming room!
In the video released this time, Asuka Kijima's gaming room, which is filled with her particular taste, is introduced in every detail, so please take a look at it!
Also, if you participate in the campaign on the official Twitter account of the GAMING PC brand OMEN by April 22, you can win a matching PC and hoodie with Asuka Kijima!
If you're interested, check out Asuka Kijima and OMEN 's Twitter account!


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