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"Kuni-kun's Three Kingdoms, All Together!" "The latest information is released! That character appeared as that warlord!


The Nintendo Switch version will be released in December 2021 and the PS4 and Steam versions will be released after April 2022 . "
The new title in the "Kuniokun" series, which is in the midst of its 35th anniversary, is also a follow-up to the popular "Kuniokun no Jidai Geki Dare Dasshutte Dasshutte! and especially those of you who played "Jidai Geki" back in the day are very excited about it. I am too!
I know many of you have been waiting for more news, but I was able to hear about it during the "Arc System Works TGS Special Program" at the " Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online," which closed with great fanfare the other day. During the "Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online," which recently closed with great fanfare, "Arc System Works TGS Special!" featured gameplay by Korone Inugami (@inugamikorone ) and Miko Sakura(@sakuramiko35 ) from "hololive," along with new information about "Kuniokun's Sangokushi! New information about "Kuniochun's Sangokushi!" is now available!

Opening video revealed!

First of all, the opening video of "Kuniokun's Sangokushi! The opening video of "Kuniokun's Sangokushi!
The video features beautiful images, magnificent music, and familiar characters dressed as generals of the Three Kingdoms.
The video also features the familiar dot-picture characters from the game, which is exactly what Kuniokun is all about.
The fact that the costumes are recognizable in spite of the dots is wonderful!
In addition to the officially announced characters such as Guan Yu (Kunio), Liu Bei (Gota), Zhang Fei (V), Zhang Bao (Sawaguchi), Zhang Jiao (Nishimura), and Tian Yuan (Momoyuan), many other characters also appear in the openning video.
Here are some of them!
Kunio's rival " Ki" will later become " Sun Quan ", the hero who founded Wu.

Sun Quan (Riki)

Kunio's girlfriend " Misako " as the military genius " Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang

Riki's girlfriend, Kyoko, is Sun Quan's older brother and Zhu-ge Liang's rival. Zhou Yu, the rival of Zhu-ge-liang

Zhou Yu

Yamada " as " Cao Cao ", the evil boss who has acquired the power of evil and also appears in "Sangokushi Yanyi" as a big boss.

Cao Cao

The legendary " Hasebe " will appear as " Zhang Liao," a fierce general who eventually became a subordinate of Cao Cao!

Zhang Liao (Hasebe)

The cast is a good match between the characters from the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and those from the "Kuniokun" series.

I'm not familiar with the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"...

I'm not familiar with "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", but... was a "period drama" with a very simple setting and atmosphere that anyone could enjoy, but this title is based on the "Records of the Three Kingdoms".
Although the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is very famous and has many fans, there are many people who are not familiar with it.
Of course, there are parts of the game that can be enjoyed by those who know the original stories and characters, but it is also enjoyable for those who know nothing about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
The Legend of the Three Kingdoms has quite a large number of characters, but the characters in the Kuniokun series have been cast with their personalities and episodes in mind, so you will naturally understand the story of the Legend of the Three Kingdoms as you play the game.
The story of this title consists of six chapters, from the " Yellow Turban Rebellion," a rebellion at the end of the Later Han Dynasty that marked the beginning of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, to the most exciting " Battle of Red Cliff," which even those who do not know the Romance of the Three Kingdoms have probably heard of.
The game is played in an RPG style, with the player having to clear the story through conversations and quests in the city, win battles against enemies, and defeat the boss that awaits at the end of the chapter.
While the game is based on the story of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," you can experience the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in a different approach from the original story, such as going to a distant place to receive a request or climbing a mountain to defeat bandits, and also enjoy "Kunio-kun"-like stories with sub-quests and scenario branches.

The official website has officially opened!

The teaser site "Kuniookun's Sangokushi: Let's All Meet! teaser site, which was released in conjunction with this announcement, has been renewed! It has been reborn as the official site!

In addition to information on the game system, details on the characters that appeared in the opening video other than the five introduced above are now available!
In addition to information on the game system, details on the characters that appeared in the opening video have also been released, including the five characters introduced in the previous video.
The Nintendo Switch version is scheduled to be released in December 2021, so be sure to check out the official " Kuniokun's Sangokushi: Let's All Get Together! " official website for a complete preview of the game!


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