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"Kuni-kun's Three Kingdoms, All Together!" "New characters & chapters 3 and 4 story release!


The series' 35th anniversary title, " Kuniokun's Sangokushi: Let's All Meet!" is scheduled to be released for Nintendo Switch in December 2021 and for PS4 and Steam after April 2022. "
November 2021 is already at the turn of the year, and December, when the Nintendo Switch version is scheduled to be released, is fast approaching.
In this title, characters from the "Kuniokun" series will become the generals that appear in the Sangokushi and weave the story, but the characters and generals have been chosen for their similar personalities.
It has been announced which characters will become which generals in turn, but the new generals have been revealed!
Information about chapters three and four of the story has also been revealed!


That guy is going to be that general! New characters revealed!

New characters have been revealed in "Kuniokun's Sangokushi! The new characters from the "Kuniokun" series who will appear as generals of the Three Kingdoms in "Kuniokun's Sangokushi!
Kamijo ", one of the chief guardians of Kagemura Academy, is one of the two most powerful generals under Yuan Zheng as " Ganryang ".


Yamamoto, the other head of the Shadow Village Academy, is one of the two most powerful generals under Yuan Zheng, and is known as " Wen Uu ".


A former member of the baseball team at Hanazono High School. He is a former member of the baseball team at Hanazono High School. While he vent his frustration by fighting, he cannot forget baseball and throws the ball.


For those who have not yet read the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" series, the introductions of the generals are also available, but the introductions of "Yan Liang" and "Wen Uubu" are somewhat spoilerific, so I will not go into them here!
To find out how the generals from the "Kuniookun" series will play in the "Kuniookun's Sangokushi! to find out what the generals of the "Kuniokun" series are up to!

Chapter 3 & 4 Story Revealed!

The story mode consists of six chapters from "Yellow Turban Rebellion" to "Battle of Red Cliff" in "Kuniokun's Sangokushi! "
Chapters 1 and 2 have already been released, and now chapters 3 and 4 have been released!
If the "Battle of Red Cliff" is the climax of this work, this is the "turning point" of the story.

Chapter 3: "Akushi Takes Ake

The generals, realizing the end of the Han Dynasty, begin to fight each other, and "Liu Bei," who defeated "Cao Cao's" army, becomes the lord of "Xuzhou. The story depicts the beginning of the turbulent age of the Warring States period.
This is a chapter of warfare in which the heroes who have vanquished their common enemy, Toutaku, begin to fight for the next generation's supremacy.

After seeing the battle at the "Tiger Prison Pass", "Dong Tak", who felt his life was in danger, set fire to "Luoyang" and fled to "Chang'an". The "Anti-Totaku League" was disorganized, and they scattered and returned to their respective regions. Warlords, realizing the end of the Han Dynasty, gradually began to fight each other for territory. This was the beginning of the Warring States period. Toujian" of Xuzhou was hated by "Cao Cao" due to an incident, and was attacked by Cao Cao's army. Hearing a call for help, "Liu Bei" and his men managed to establish a rapprochement with "Cao Cao" and defeated his army. Upon hearing this news, "Toujian" left his post to "Liu Bei" as if he had lost his tension, and passed away. Liu Bei" and his party unexpectedly become lords, but then the peerless "Lu Bu" appears...


Chapter 4 "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

Guan Yu, who has been separated from Liu Bei, clashes with Yuan Shao's army as a general in Cao Cao's army. This is a story that seriously depicts the strength of Guan Yu.
This is the chapter of the demons in which Guan Yu goes on a rampage against the forces of Yuan Shao in order to return home to Liu Bei.

Cao Cao" was protecting "Emperor Gong Tei," who became emperor after "Emperor Ling Tei," but in reality, he himself was in power, ignoring "Emperor Gong Tei. Not amused by this, the "emperor" secretly planned to overthrow "Cao Cao". Among the collaborators was Liu Bei, but this plan was discovered by Cao Cao in advance, and Liu Bei was defeated. Guan Yu" temporarily became a subordinate of "Cao Cao" and was sent to fight against Yuan Shao's army in the battle for "Hebei". After achieving remarkable results, "Guan Yu" is told of the whereabouts of "Liu Bei". Unable to stay put, Guan Yu decides to travel a thousand miles to return to Liu Bei. However, a strong barrier stands in his way...


For those who have not been through the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it may not seem to make much sense to you, but don't worry.
With "Kunio Kunio's Sanguozhi, Everybody! will help you learn about the Three Kingdoms in an easy-to-understand way!
Of course, if you're interested and want to learn more, you're more than welcome to do so! I'm sure you will enjoy it even more deeply!

Will product information be announced soon?

We are less than half a month away from the Nintendo Switch version coming out in December 2021.
Aside from the release date, the price and the " Everybody's Sangokushi" section of the official website are still undisclosed.
The storyline has been released up to chapter 4 out of 6, and I have a feeling that everything will be revealed in the next announcement....... Let's wait for more news!

For more details, please visit the official website of Arc System Works, and for product details, please visit the official website of "Kuniookun's Sangokushi! official website for product details!


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"Kuni-kun's Three Kingdoms, All Together!" "The latest information is released! That character appeared as that warlord!
"Kuni-kun's Three Kingdoms, All Together!" "The latest information is relea...

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