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LoL Season 2022 Kicks Off! From Patch 12.2, the new champion "Zelli, spark of the elephant" is here!


League of Legends, the popular MOBA from Riot Games, Inc. headquartered in California, USA, unveiled its new champion, Zeri, the Spark of Zoun, on Saturday, January 8. The new champion, "Xeli, Spark of Zoun," was unveiled on Saturday, January 8.

Celebrate the start of the 2022 season with a live webcast!

Season 2022 Opening Day | Full Livestream - League of Legend" was livestreamed on Saturday, January 8, with the announcement of two e-sports tournaments, LoL Esports and Wild Rift Esports. The event celebrated the opening of the 2022 Ranked Season with the announcement of two eSports tournaments, the introduction of the new "Challenges" system, and the announcement of the new champion "Zeri, the Spark of Zoun".

The " Season 2022 Opening Day | Full Livestream - League of Legend " is archived on YouTube, so if you missed it, be sure to check it out.

New Champion "Zeri, the Spark of Zoun"!

The new champion "Zeri, the Spark of Zoun" announced in the livestream will be available from patch 12.2.
The thunder attribute is well-known in video games, such as Benimaru Nikaido, Pikachu, and Galford, but "Zeri" is also a champion (character) that emits electric power to inflict damage.
Lightning characters are very popular in games and anime, so "Zeri" is likely to be popular as well.

LoL ゼリ
New Champion "Spark of Zoun, Zeri"
League of Legends

"I fight for Zoun and for my friends."

League of Legends

Zeri, the Withering Rose
League of Legends

Everyone's doing it with flair. Well, I'm used to it by now.

League of Legends

The skills of "Zeri, Spark of Zoun" are as follows.
Please note that the names and effects of the skills are subject to change.

Unique Skills
Bio Battery
Each time a shield is gained, the movement speed is increased. When you damage an enemy's shield, you absorb its energy and gain a shield yourself.
Q - Burst Fire Automatic effect: Normal attacks deal magic damage. This magic damage increases with magic power and is treated as a skill. Energy is stored in the "Spark Pack" when moving or using "Burst Fire". When fully charged, the next normal attack will have a slowing effect and deal additional damage.
Activation effect: fires a barrage of 7 rounds, each round dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits.
Damage increases with attack power and is treated as a normal attack. The first bullet applies the normal attack effect. The cooldown will be the same as the timer of a normal attack.
W - Ultra Shock Laser Fires an electromagnetic pulse that causes a slowing effect and damage to the first enemy hit. When the pulse hits a wall, it fires a long-range laser from where it hits.
E - Spark Surge Dash a short distance and then "burst fire" three times, which is enhanced to penetrate the enemy. When the dash hits terrain, it will either jump over the terrain or slide along it, depending on the angle of impact. Hitting a champion with a normal attack or skill shortens the cooldown of this skill.
R - Lightning Crash Releases a large amount of power, damaging surrounding enemies and overcharging itself for a short while. While overcharged, damage, attack speed, and movement speed are increased. Performing a normal attack on an enemy champion refreshes the effect time of the overcharge and increases the movement speed stack. While overcharged, the "Burst Fire" fire interval is shortened and combined into a three-round burst, which sends a cascade of blasts at other enemies.

For more information on the skills, please check out the videos on the official LoL website and official Twitter account.


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