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Also collaboration with cardcaptor Sakura! The black cat Whiz holds the 8th anniversary eve event and campaign!


Quiz RPG: Wizard and Black Cat Wiz " aka " Black Wiz ", a quiz & card battle RPG by Coloplast that combines card battles and quizzes, will celebrate its 8th anniversary on March 5, 2013.
This year marks the 8th anniversary since its launch on March 5, 2013, and various campaigns and events will be held until the day of the 8th anniversary.
Here are some of the various campaigns and events planned for the anniversary, including gachas and collaborations.

"Black Cat's Whiz" 8th Anniversary Eve Festival

Black Cat's Wiz" 8th Anniversary Eve Festival

The following campaigns will be held until March 5, 2021 (Friday), the day of the 8th anniversary.

Great Evolution Liberation Festival Skill Selection

大進化解放祭 スキルセレクション
The Great Evolutionary Liberation Festival Skill Selection

Spirits with specific skills that have not had the opportunity to evolve until now will be released for evolution.
The campaign will be held from 4:00 p.m. on weekdays during the period.

Skill Selection Gacha

Skill Selection Gacha

A special gacha will be held with carefully selected spirits from the "Great Evolutionary World Release Festival Skill Selection" that will appear on different days.
In addition to the spirits carefully selected from the "Great Evolutionary World Release Festival Skill Selection," spirits with the same skills as those selected will also appear.

Guild Festa

During this period, the experience gained in the material area will be doubled and the material drop rate will be 100%.
In addition, a limited-time roulette that increases the amount of acquired materials up to 20 times will also be available. Use this along with the "Great Evolutionary World Release Festival Skill Selection" to strengthen the spirits you have on hand.

Guild Master Ceremonies

Guildmasters from the main storyline will appear. As a reward for clearing the game, you can earn guild masters dressed in festive attire.

"Black Cat Wiz" x "Card Captor Sakura" collaboration event and gacha reopened!

Sakura and the Black Cat Wizards

The "Sakura and the Black Cat Wizard" collaboration event with " Card Captor Sakura " that was held in 2018 will be held again.
Players can enjoy a story in which they work with Sakura, who has wandered into the world of Black Cat Wiz, to seal a clear card.
This collaboration event is a must-see for fans, with original events as well as tag cards drawn exclusively for the collaboration.
The event will continue after the 8th anniversary and is scheduled to run until March 15, 2021 (Monday) at 3:59 pm.

"Black Cat Whiz" 8th Anniversary Official Live Broadcast

To commemorate the 8th anniversary of "Black Cat's Whiz," an official live broadcast will be held on March 4, 2021 (Thursday) to look back on the past together with players.
Information on the 8th anniversary events and the latest information on "Black Cat's Wiz" will be provided.
The URL for the broadcast will be announced at a later date, and information about the event will be available on the official Twitter and website of "Black Cat's Wiz.


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