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Level Five completely new work! Online co-op robot action RPG "Megaton class Musashi" release date decision!


Level-5, Inc. has produced many classic games, including the "Layton" series, "Ni No Kuni" series, "Inazuma Eleven" series, and the "Yokai Watch" series, which has become a social phenomenon. ( hereinafter referred to as "Level-5").
Many of the games are about a slightly different point of view, and are often the ones that make you think, "I see! " of the games that you think are the one and only!
Another feature of many of their works is that they are media-mixed, and there are probably people who haven't played the games but have watched the anime or manga.
Since the announcement of Level-5's completely new " Megaton Class Musashi " in December 2020, information has been released one by one, but there has been no official announcement regarding a release date.
With the recent release of the TV anime, we thought it was about time something was done about the game, and now the release date has finally been set!

Take back the Earth that was stolen by aliens!

Megaton Musashi " is an online cooperative robot action RPG in which you drive a giant robot "Rogue" to destroy the alien Drakkar force.
The game will be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
In conjunction with the announcement, the game's PV has been released and a portal site with all the information has been opened to the public!


Recapture of Earth
Earth taken by aliens

In an ordinary town, there were people leading a peaceful and contented life.
However, they did not know that it was a false peace.
An unknown truth....
The earth has already been destroyed.

99.9% of the human race has died under the attack of a mysterious alien force from outer space.
The enemy was named "Draktar.
Soon, a large hole was drilled in the earth.
The earth was terraformed into an environment suitable for alien habitation.
Humans had no choice but to hide in shelters to escape their eyes.
Waiting for the day of resurrection, which may come at any moment...

The inhabitants of the shelter Ixia had their memories of the day of their destruction erased.
They lived a normal life, knowing nothing about it.
However, some of the "Chosen Ones" became pilots and started to work for a giant robot called "Rogue".
They were fighting against aliens by driving giant robots called "rogues".
And today, a new pilot is selected again...


As you can see from the story and PV, the story is about a " rogue " who destroys an alien force, Draktar, and restores the earth.
The story will be a serious one, but first of all, giant robots! Giant robots are a romantic idea!

The mere sight of a big robot wielding a big weapon or shooting beams or missiles is enough to get me excited!
And the fact that they shout the names of their special moves out loud is just what you would expect from a giant robot! That's how a giant robot should be!
I'm sure there are a certain number of giant robot fans who have decided to purchase this robot just for that reason.

Megaton Musashi" is an action RPG, so of course you can play the main story mode and relive the story.
The main feature of the game is that it can be played by up to three players at the same time.
You can cooperate via online or local communication (Nintendo Switch version only) to face the mighty alien force, Draktar!


There are multiple "rogues ", each with different performance, and you can not only choose the one that best suits your play style, but also customize it!
The " body," "light arm," "left arm," and "leg " parts can be changed to further customize the style of play and performance.
Whether you prefer close or long range, offensive or decisive, quick or defensive, you can find the combination that suits you best!
In addition to parts, you can adjust the texture of the "Rogue" and apply " decals " to customize its visual appearance, so you can create your own "Rogue"!


Megaton Musashi" is scheduled for release on November 11, 2021 (Thursday)! Both packaged and downloadable versions will be priced at 6,974 yen (tax included).
Reservations for both the packaged and downloadable versions are scheduled to cost 6,974 yen (including tax).
For more details, please check the official "Megaton-class Musashi" game website!

Media Mix Information!

Megaton-class Musashi" will be released not only in the main game, but also in a variety of media mixes.
It has been announced that a TV anime will be released on October 1, 2021 (Friday), and now a teaser PV for the TV anime has been released!

The setting and characters seem to be the same as the game, but the broadcast will start more than a month earlier than the game's release.
The setting and characters seem to be the same as in the game, but the anime will start airing more than a month earlier than the game!
Just wait a little longer for the anime to start airing!

Cross Media Project

In addition to the TV anime, a powerful tag team with Weekly Shonen Jump has also been announced! And Bandai is also developing a powerful toy line!
More information will be announced in the near future, so be sure to check out the "Megaton-class Musashi" portal site!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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