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MSI × nishisanji collaboration event will be held! Popular Liver is a game distribution event using a new PC!

MSI × にじさんじのコラボイベントが開催決定!人気ライバーが新製品のPCを使ってのゲーム配信イベント!

MSI, a leading manufacturer of high-performance gaming PCs, will hold an event to celebrate the release of its new gaming PCs equipped with NVIDIA's latest GPU "GeForce RTX 30 Series" and to showcase the new gaming notebook PCs in a live gaming session by the virtual driver project "NIJISANJI". The event will be held in conjunction with the launch of the new gaming PCs, and will feature the new gaming notebooks.
The event will be accompanied by a campaign to win MSI's latest gaming notebook PCs and original goods featuring three of the most popular "NIJISANJI" virtual lighters.

Game delivery with MSI's latest gaming notebook PC

MSI × NIJISANJI イベント登場ライバーMSI × NIJISANJI コラボ特設ページ

At the MSI x NIJISANJI event, "Kuzuha," "Yuka Shiina," and "Makai-no-Ririmu," three NIJISANJI virtual performers, will appear at the event, and the unit "Zuri," which consists of the three, will be delivering games using the latest MSI gaming notebook PCs. The event will be held on January 27th (Fri.).
The event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, January 27th at 8pm on the Kuzuha Channel, so fans are advised to set their schedules accordingly.

MSI x NIJISANJI Limited Edition Goods Campaign


The MSI x NIJISANJI event will not only feature game distribution, but there will also be a campaign to win goods specially designed for MSI x NIJISANJI and the latest gaming PC.
The prizes include a NIJISANJI illustration clear file and MSI Lucky-kun goods for five win ners, and a 15.6-inch gaming notebook PC "GF65 Thin" equipped with GeForce RTX 30 series will be given away to one lucky winner. The prize is a 15.6-inch gaming notebook PC "GF65 Thin" with GeForce RTX 30 series.
In order to participate in the giveaway campaign, a password will be announced during the broadcast, so if you want to win some goodies, be sure to watch from the beginning to avoid missing the broadcast.

Simultaneous Akihabara & Online Media Ad Jacks

From February 1, MSI x NIJISANJI collaboration advertisements will be shown on digital signage near Akihabara Station and in some advertising media.
During the release of the ads, " Yuka Shiina," a virtual driver belonging to NIJISANJI, will appear in a special commercial, which will be deployed on MSI notebook PCs displayed at consumer electronics retailers and PC stores.
*Please be sure to wear a mask and take other precautionary measures to prevent infection by the new coronavirus before you go out to the store.


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