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Gun Girl RPG "Goddess of Victory: NIKKE" implements new version "MIRACLE SNOW"! Two new characters!

ガンガールRPG「勝利の女神:NIKKE」が新バージョン「MIRACLE SNOW」を実装!新たに2人の新キャラクターが登場!

Level Infinite's Gun Girl RPG " Goddess of Victory: NIKKE " (hereafter referred to as "NIKKE") completed maintenance on December 8, 2022, and a new version, " MIRACLE SNOW " was implemented! The new version "MIRACLE SNOW" has new SSR and SR characters.


New version "MIRACLE SNOW" is now available!


The story of NIKKE is of course one of its charms, but so are the characters that appear in the game. On December 8, 2022 (Thursday), a new version of NIKKE, "MIRACLE SNOW," was released! With the implementation of MIRACLE SNOW, a new character has been added.

New SSR character "Rupee: Winter Shopper

ルピー:ウィンターショッパーPR TIMES

For the first time in 15 years, winter has come to ARC and it's snowing! Rupee, a shopping distributor, holds a gift-drawing event in the city. There, Enu wins a "Please Anything Ticket" and wishes for everyone's happiness this Christmas. To make her wish come true, Rupee appears as a bright white Santa Claus. As the cheerful Rupee, he begins to solve everyone's problems. Until the day that Enu and everyone else in the snowy amusement park is happy.


New SR Character "Neve


Neve is a member of the Unlimited, a nike unit that pioneers and protects the extremely cold region. She is usually laid-back, relaxed, and a little natural. However, when he is sleep deprived, he turns ferocious as if he is a different person. He has a special connection with polar bears and is looking for them on the ground. She is similar to polar bears in many ways. For this reason, Alice, a member of the same unit, calls her "Mr. Polar Bear" and refers to her sleeping form as "hibernation. Even the arrogant Ludmilla does not wake her from sleep unless it is an emergency.


On December 15 (Thursday), a limited-time SSR character will be released!

Two new characters have been added to the game with this update, and it was also announced that a new SSR character "Enu: Miracle Fairy" will be released on December 15, 2022 (Thursday) for a limited time only.

Profile of the new SSR character "Enu : Miracle Fairy

Enu has had her memory erased every day. Only this winter, she is able to deliver her dreams to the children of Ark with her memories preserved for a short period of time. Following Rupee's advice that fairies should not appear gloomy, she took off her hood and hat and assumed the form of a winter fairy. Enu, too, was cheerful and positive, inspired by Rupee's joviality. As a normal girl Enu, and not as the experimental N102, she creates winter memories that will remain only in her new notebook.


From reading the profile of the new SSR character "Enu : Miracle Fairy", it seems that there is a reason why her memory is erased every day, but we will wait for the implementation on December 15, 2022 (Thursday) to find out the truth! For more information on NIKKE, please check the official NIKKE Twitter (@NIKKE_japan ) or the official NIKKE website!

Win a paper autographed by Yoko Hikasa! Present Campaign!

A giveaway campaign is underway until December 10, 2022 (Sat.) at 23:59 to win a paper autographed by Yoko Hikasa, who plays the role of Neve in this update! To participate, follow NIKKE's official Twitter (@NIKKE_japan ) and retweet the tweet to complete your entry! Why don't you take this opportunity to participate in the campaign?


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