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The release date of "Custom Robo" and "Custom Robo V2" on "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online" has been decided on July 15th!

「カスタムロボ」「カスタムロボV2」の「NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online」での配信日が7月15日に決定!

In addition to the existing "Nintendo Switch Online" service, "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online", "Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online&quot In addition to the existing "Nintendo Switch Online" service, "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online", "Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online", "Atsumare Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise", "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Course Pass", and "Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion" will also be available. quot; can be played with the " Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack ".
The ability to play paid additional content without additional fees is an attractive service, and the "Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online" is a great deal because it allows unlimited play of classic 64 games.
Now, the distribution date of " Custom Robo" and "Custom Robo V2" will be added to the "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online" lineup, and it has been officially announced!

Distribution will begin on July 15!

Custom Robo" and "Custom Robo V2" will be available on "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online" on Friday, July 15, 2022!
In the " Custom Robo " series, players become the "Commander" of a 30cm-long "Custom Robo" and aim to become the strongest Commander by customizing the robots and parts they acquire.
The high-speed battles and abundant customizability have surely hooked many players! (I am one of them!).
Of course, the game is also compatible with Nintendo Switch Online, allowing up to two players to play "Custom Robo " and up to four players to play " Custom Robo V2" together on a single console or with friends online!
Please enjoy playing Custom Robo with your friends you used to play with back in the day!

Custom Robo


Custom Robo V2 was released in 1999 and offers two modes: "Scenario Mode" and "Arcade Mode".
As you progress through the "Scenario Mode," you will be able to play in the Arcade Mode, where you can battle against other players, and the number of levels will increase.
In Arcade Mode, you can use not only the main character's favorite machine "Rei" but also other robots you fought in Scenario Mode, so keep going through Scenario Mode and have fun!

Custom Robo V2


Custom Robo V2 was released in 2000 with two scenario modes, "Departure" and "Fierce Battle".
In the "Departure" version, you will follow the storyline through adventures and battles.
In the "Fierce Battle" version, special rules such as "Parts Capture Battle" and "Parts Rental Battle" are added, which were not included in the "Departure" version, and players can enjoy the game in a different way than in the "Departure" version.
Custom Robo 2 also features more robots and parts than its predecessor, and more than 40 types of battle stages in the holosseum!
You can customize your robot to your liking and enjoy it even more!

Reprint of an article from "64DREAM"!


With the cooperation of the "Nintendo Dream" editorial department, PDF files containing articles and abbreviated techniques for "Custom Robo" and "Custom Robo V2" that were published in the game magazine " 64DREAM " back in the day are now available! Here it is!
You may find hidden battle stages, how to get "Chick Robo" and "Chick Parts", and other elements that you didn't notice only by playing back then!
The contents of this article will make you nostalgic, and will be enjoyable for both those who played the game back then and those who are just starting out.

Article on "Custom Robo

Article on "Custom Robo V2

Joy-Con button assignments from the "Operation Guide"!

Open the "Suspend Menu" with the "-" button.


I want to play 64 games with a 64 controller!
The " NINTENDO 64 Controller " is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers!
However, there are many people who want to play games in portable mode or with Nintendo Switch Lite.
Before playing with Joy-Con, please check the button assignments of the 64 controller in the " Operation Guide "!
The operation guide is displayed in the following way. 1.

  • Press the "-" button (minus button) to open the "Interrupt Menu". 2.
  • Press the "X" button to open the "Operation Guide". 3.
  • Confirm the "Operation Guide

For more information, please refer to Nintendo's website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

The delivery date of "Mario Golf 64" on "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online" is decided!
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The "Nintendo Switch Online + additional packing" by which "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online" "Sega Enterprises Mega drive for Nint

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