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Launched eSports professional team in Akita Pref.

Launched eSports professional team in Akita Pref.

An effort is underway in Akita City, Akita Prefecture, to boost the prefecture's e-sports scene by establishing a professional e-sports team.

"Akita eSports Association" is making an effort.

The Akita eSports Association, based in Nakadori 3-chome, Akita City, which was established in February of this year, is taking the lead in supporting Akita Prefecture's entry into the eSports industry, which is gaining momentum around the world.

Two companies in Akita Prefecture announced the operation of professional teams.

The companies that have announced that they will start operating a professional e-sports team in cooperation with the Akita e-Sports Association are Blow Blitz Akita, a J3 soccer team that operates in Akita City, Yurihonjo City, Nikaho City, and Oga City, and Akita e-Sports Server, a server company based in Akita City that has been making efforts in the prefecture's e-sports scene. S2 Corporation, a server management company headquartered in Akita City, has been making efforts in the prefecture's e-sports scene.

The e-sports tournament titles include soccer games such as "Winning Eleven," and the collaboration with Blaublitz Akita is expected to boost both e-sports and the J-League.

S2 Corporation has long been committed to the development of e-sports in Akita Prefecture, including the provision of gaming PCs to Nikaho High School (in Nikaho City).
S2 also has some of the best game players in the company.

A machine is decorated with the logo of a local company. They also participate in tournaments.

In April of this year, a man living in Akita City participated in the "eSports Championship 2019 IBARAKI," a tournament for the popular racing game Gran Turismo SPORT, using a machine decorated with the logos of six local companies, showing that the eSports scene in Akita Prefecture is growing even on an individual level. The e-sports scene in Akita Prefecture is growing even on an individual level.

From Akita Prefecture to the World

The e-sports industry continues to develop not only in Akita Prefecture, but throughout Japan and around the world.
The day may soon come when e-sports players from Akita will be active on the world stage.

The Akita e-Sports Association is currently raising funds for the establishment of a training center and the spread of e-sports through "FAN AKITA," a crowd-funding service operated by Akita Kai-Shinpo.
For more information on "Akita eSports Association" and the details of the crowdfunding, please visit the following URL.

Akita e-Sports Association official website: https://akita-esports.jp/
Akita eSports Association Twitter account: https: //twitter.com/akita_esports
Akita eSports Association Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/akita.esports/

Crowd-finding service "FAN AKITA": https: //fan-akita.sakigake.jp/project/detail/498