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"Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales" announced for PS5!


In 2018 Insomniac Games released its hit game "Marvel's Spider-Man".
Spider-Man was freely moving around New York City that was recreated in high quality. "Marvel's Spider-Man" had huge success not only among Marvel fans but also among big audience of game-players.
It was announced that the new "Spider-Man" is being built exclusively for PS5's "Play Station Studios".

Second Spider-Man will move freely!

"PS5 - The future of gaming show" new spider-man trailer "Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales" was shown.

As follows from title Miles Morales will become the main character tied into "Ultimate Spider-Man" and "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" of Marvel Cinematic Universe.
He also got a cool black color base suit!
New Spider-Man's trailer revealed that with high specks of PS5 we will be able to enjoy beautiful street sights alongside thrilling and smooth action scenes.
Just like its predecessor "Marvel's Spider-Man" is promising to be very free in the traversal. And that is very exciting.

Spider-Man : Miles Morales
Spider-Man : Miles Morales
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Also, at the end of the trailer, it said "HOLIDAY 2020". Is it one of the PS5 launching titles? Let's wait for more follow-ups!

"Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales" game play pictures

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