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Official supporter,HONDA TSUBASA at Tokyo game show 2019!

Official supporter,HONDA TSUBASA at Tokyo game show 2019!

According to the official website, Tokyo Game show 2019 will be held from Tuesday, 12 September to Sunday, 15 September.
Although different new information were released when the website is opened, the most eyes catching news probably is Honda Tsubasa will be the official supporter in Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Well-known for "ほんだのばいく(Hondanobaiku)"

Honda Tsubasa
Honda Tsubasa
Tokyo Game Show 2019 offical website

Although Honda Tsubasa is an actress and model, she loves playing game.
Fashion gamer or professional gamer will also be attracted by the passion of Honda Tsubasa and become her fans.
Honda Tsubasa is also streaming on her own YouTube Channel "ほんだのばいく(Hondanobaiku)". This famous channel already gain over 1,130,000 subsrcibers.

Releasing official streaming channel

Besides the participation of Honda Tsubasa in Tokyo Game Show 2019, she plans to upload a video about the event later.
We believe that our official supporter who loves the game so much can bring the event to life.

For more information please go to Tokyo Game Show 2019 offical webisteTOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 offical twitter rand have a look!

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