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"Monster Hunter: World" urgent addition to PS Plus free play! "MHW: Iceborn" is a 40% OFF Sale!

PS Plusのフリープレイに「モンスターハンター:ワールド」緊急追加!「MHW:アイスボーン」は40%OFFセール!

PlayStation Plus" is PlayStation 's subscription service.
It is a service that is almost mandatory to subscribe to, as you can play network games and receive special content.
The most attractive feature of the service is " PS Plus Free Play," which allows you to play popular game titles for free on a monthly basis.
It is a great pleasure to be able to play a title that you have been wanting to try for a while, or that you have been wanting to play but have missed the timing.
Capcom's hit title "Monster Hunter: World" has been added to the "PS Plus Free Play" list !

If you're at home, let's go hunting!

Monster Hunter: World
PlayStation Store

Monster Hunter: World " is the latest title in the Monster Hunter series released in January 2018.
It has shipped over 15 million units worldwide, making it Capcom's biggest hit to date.
In September 2019, the super expansion " Monster Hunter World: Iceborn " will be released, which has also sold more than 5 million copies to date, and people all over the world are now hunting for it.
Let's go out there and kill monsters in the open world and the super beautiful new world!
To use the network function in "Monster Hunter: World," you need to subscribe to PS Plus, so if you can use free play, you can also play cooperatively, so it's a good match for you.
It's a game that takes up a lot of your time, so this is the perfect time for you to get out of the house!

"Monster Hunter: World " is available for download from March 18, 2020 to April 21, 2020 as a "PS Plus Free Play" game.

"Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" is on sale for 40% off!


MHW: Iceborn" will be on sale on the PlayStation Store from March 18 (Wed) to March 31 (Tue) at 23:59 for a limited time!

The price is 40% off at 2,930 yen (including tax)!

Other great free plays for the month of March

While the addition of "Monster Hunter: World" is a surprise, March's free plays are also superb, including " Sonic Forces " and " Wanda and the Colossus Value Selection "!

Sonic Forces
PlayStation Store
ワンダと巨像 Value Selection
Wanda and the Colossus Value Selection
PlayStation Store
It's not every day you get such a great selection of free-to-play titles, so if you're not a PS Plus subscriber, this is your chance to get in on the action!
Please note that "Sonic Forces" and "Wanda and the Colossus Value Selection" will be available

until Monday, April 6, 2020.
PS Plus Free Play" titles can be played as long as you are a PS Plus subscriber, once you have added them to your library, even after the distribution period has ended.

For more details and to subscribe to PS Plus, please visit the official PlayStation website!


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The day before the trial version delivery! Video release that can be reviewed up to "...

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©2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.