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Finally Hits Million! Capcom "Street Fighter 6" has sold over 1 million copies worldwide!

Finally Hits Million! Capcom

Capcom's latest title in the "Street Fighter" series, " Street Fighter 6," released on June 2, 2023 (Friday), has sold more than one million units worldwide! The latest title, the first in seven years, is expected to continue to gain momentum as a new wave of fighting games.


Street Fighter 6 has surpassed 1 million units sold worldwide!

Street Fighter 6

The Street Fighter series was born in 1987 in game arcades. The series was later released for home video game consoles, and as of June 2023, the total sales of the series has exceeded 50 million units.

Street Fighter 6 adds a new "World Tour" mode for single players and a "Battle Hub" mode where players can interact with each other. In addition, a new "modern type" of fighting game has been introduced, which allows players to perform special moves with simple controls.

The "CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023," an e-sports tournament featuring Street Fighter 6, will offer a total annual prize fund of $2 million, including Capcom's largest-ever prize of $1 million. For more information on the tournament, please visit the official Capcom Pro Tour esports website.

Capcom's Million-Selling Titles

ストリートファイター6PR TIMES

According to the Capcom Corporate Information website, 113 of Capcom's titles have sold more than 1 million units as of Friday, March 31, 2023. Among them, the Street Fighter series, including expansions and spin-offs,...

  • Street Fighter V: 7.2 million units
  • Street Fighter II: 6.3 million units
  • Street Fighter II Turbo: 4.1 million
  • Street Fighter IV: 3.4 million
  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International: 2.7 million
  • Super Street Fighter II: 2 million
  • Super Street Fighter IV: 1.9 million
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV: 1.9 million
  • Street Fighter X Tekken: 1.9 million
  • Street Fighter II'Plus: 1.65 million
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D EDITION: 1.3 million
  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: 1.2 million
  • Street Fighter ZERO3: 1 million

The 13 titles are as follows. Considering that the previous Street Fighter V sold 7.2 million units, one would expect Street Fighter 6 to sell even more!

Many people are still trying to decide on their main characters, and every day all kinds of combos and techniques are being developed. The online scene is also vibrant from beginner to advanced belts, so if you want to get started, now is the time! For more information, please visit the official Street Fighter 6 website.

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Street Fighter 6
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