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"SSB SPECIAL" legendary hero of Starvor' "Terry Bogard"!


Nintendo Direct 2019.9.5, which will show the latest information from Nintendo, will be broadcasted today at 7:00 AM Japan time, and during the announcement, a new fighter for "Super Smash Bros".
The new fighter is "Terry Bogart", the main character from SNK's popular fighting game "FATAL FURY"!

There were rumors on the Internet that he would be joining from SNK's other works, but since SNK has many popular works and popular characters, there were some who speculated that it would be "Nakoruru or Haomaru from Samuspi, which was released this year. or "I knew it was going to be from the KOF series. or "Maybe Marco from Metal Slug," but it's going to be Terry from FATAL FURY!

The video of Terry's entry into the game is very detailed, and SNK and NEOGEO fans will be impressed.

Nintendo's previous consumer game consoles are lined up in chronological order, and when you slide the console to the side, you can start up the home version of the NEOGEO... and then the NEOGEO.

The SNK dots that were created for the announcement of the SNK's participation in this event.... It's already a 100 mega-shock!

Terry Bogard joins the fray!

Smash Bros.
Nintendo Direct 2019.9.5

As mentioned above, Terry is the main character in SNK's popular fighting game "FATAL FURY", but he has also appeared in all of the KOF series, as well as in the CAPCOM VS. He is a popular character who also travels to other companies' games.

His fighting style includes martial arts (plus Jeff's fighting style), the "Power Wave" flying technique, the "Burn Knuckle" rushing technique, the "Crack Shot" diving technique, the "Rising Tackle" anti-air technique, the "Tackle and Drop" technique, the "Tackle and Drop" technique, and the "Tackle and Drop" technique. The "Power Dunk" is a tackle and a downhill dunk!
We can't wait to see how they perform in Smash Bros.

For the first time in 20 years, CAPCOM VS.

SNK and Capcom's crossover project CAPCOM VS. SNK (SNK VS. CAPCOM), which began in 1999, saw popular Capcom characters and popular SNK characters engage in heated battles that captivated fighting game fans.

As you may have noticed, Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter series, Mega Man from the Mega Man series, and other Capcom characters are participating in Smash Bros. SP, so for the first time in 20 years, CAPCOM VS. SNK is coming true!

Besides Terry, there are many other popular characters in the FATAL FURY series, and if more characters other than Terry enter the game in the future, CAPCOM VS.

Terry Bogart will join the game in November!

Smash Bros.
Nintendo Direct 2019.9.5

Terry Bogart will join the fray in November 2019! Four of the five additional fighters have now been announced. The fifth and final fighter will be announced at a later date.

A "Value Pack" of fighters and other items to be released in the coming months, including Terry, is also on sale now!

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