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PlayStation Network's online ID can change from April 11

PlayStation Network's online ID can change from April 11

SONY began offering PlayStation Network "PSN" online IDs on Thursday, April 11.

With this feature, users can now change their PSN online IDs from PlayStation4, web browsers and PlayStation App.

First change is free of charge

The first change of online ID is free, but subsequent changes will cost 1,000 JPY (including tax) per change, or 500 JPY (including tax) for PlayStation Plus subscribers.
There is no limit to the number of times you can change your online ID.

When you change your online ID, you can choose to display or hide your previous ID in your profile for 30 days after the change.
Once the change has completed, you cannot change the display/non-display settings.

In addition, the online ID of a 「child」 account cannot be changed in the family function.

You can check how to change your online ID on the official PlayStation website.

When you access the site with a browser, you will see that you can change your online ID.

PSN Browser

The announcement that the ID could not be changed before has disappeared, and a new edit button has appeared.

Some titles experiencing glitches

Some PS4 software titles and content released before Sunday, April 1, 2018, may not be compatible with this feature and may not work properly, including errors.
In addition, PS4 titles first released on or after Sunday, April 1, 2018 have been developed to support the online ID change feature, but the company does not guarantee that these titles will also be fully compatible with the online ID change feature.
Note that some titles have been confirmed to have glitches that could result in in-game passes and possible loss of trophies, scores, and other progress.
Details can be found in the list of tested titles.

It is possible to revert to your original ID.

You can always revert to the online ID you used in the past for free.
In the unlikely event that any problems arise due to a change of online ID, the company claims that most of these problems can be resolved by reverting back to the online ID used before the change.
The information of the previously used online ID will be retained, and other users will not be able to use that ID.
If you wish to revert to your previous online ID, you will need to contact PlayStation Customer Support.

Expectations for revitalization of online play

The implementation of this change function is quite good news for users who have refrained from online play because they have used their personal information, etc., as their ID.
The activation of new players to online is also expected to have an impact on the e-sports market.

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