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Resale of Judgment, the Yakuza game with a new price

Resale of Judgment, the Yakuza game with a new price

Judgement, the game of the Yakuza series featured with Kimura Takuya was released on 13 December 2018 by SEGA.
The sale discontinued in Japan market due to an incident that happened in March 2019.
The resale of the new version of the game now on sale!

Any changes?

The content is the same as the previous version.
The model and the voice of a character, Hanemura Kyohei, have been changed.
The package is somehow different from the old version.

Old package (L) & New package (R)
Old package (L) & New package (R)

The most updated version

The new price of the game would be 4,540 yen (tax excluded).
Update patches and free DLC released until March 2019 have already installed in the new version.
Players do not need to update the game.

Date of sale and caution

18 July 2019

Judgement is scheduled to be on sale on18 July 2019.
The save data of the previous version are not supported in the new version.

Official Trailer one Air

Judgement game short trailer

VisitJudgement official site for more details!

Resale of Judgment, the yakuza game with a new price