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Announced! New member joins "Father's Back"

Announced! New member joins

On June 6, "Father's Back", one of the largest professional gaming streamer groups in Japan, announced the addition of a new member.
The new member is DustelBox (@DustelBox), a FPS player who has been active mainly in the "Battlefield" series.
He is transferring from the overseas team "DetonatioN" and the reason for his transfer is to return to the competitive scene.
After joining the team, he plans to switch to R6S (Rainbow Six Siege) and will also participate in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League after joining the team.

The move had been whispered because of his friendship with founding member Kenki ( @T_kenki), but today "Father's Back" made the official announcement.

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The YouTube channel has 281,826 subscribers, the most of any team.

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"Father's Back" is a group of professional gamers who are not only known for their games, but also for their ability to communicate with the public.

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