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KOF XV Season 2 4th DLC NAJD Trailer Out!

KOF XV Season 2 4th DLC NAJD Trailer Out!

Less than three weeks before the opening of the world's largest fighting game tournament, Evo 2023.
Evo 2023 will feature 8 globally popular games in the main tournament, and one of the most popular games is SNK's THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (KOF XV).
KOF XV was very popular at EVO Japan 2023, and SNK will have a booth at Evo 2023.
SNK is expected to be the center of attention at Evo 2023, with many events taking place, including official side tournaments.
SNK's booth at Evo 2023 will be the first stop for those who want to try out the DLC character NAJD. The DLC character is coming in the summer of 2023.
So far only the main visuals were available, but now a trailer for NAJD has been released!

SNK Booth at EVO 2023! Be One of the First to Play NAJD!

A long trailer is available for confirmation!

SNK has released the trailer for NAJD in preparation for the trial at Evo 2023. The trailer is about 2.5 minutes long and gives you a complete look at how NAJD works in the game.
Since the trial time is limited, it will be a good idea to watch the motions beforehand to make sure you can get a feel for how the game will be used.
If you are planning to attend Evo 2023, be sure to watch the trailer multiple times to prepare for the NAJD trial!
Visit SNK's official website for more information, and check out the special page for SNK's booth at Evo 2023!

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