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LoL's fighting game "Project L" announced as free to play!

LoL's fighting game

Riot Games has released an update and video of a fighting game currently in development.
The fighting game is a project under the code name Project L.
Project L has the same worldview as League of Legends.

Project L is free to play!

It was announced that basic play will be free this time around.
Project L" aims to be a game that can be enjoyed regardless of financial circumstances.

While those who play RIAT Games' titles may take for granted that basic play is free, the announcement probably came as a surprise to many gaming gamers, as most fighting games are fee-based and have been considered "something you pay to play" since the days of arcade games.

The most famous free-to-play fighting game is "DEAD OR ALIVE 6" by Koei Tecmo Games, but the free-to-play version allows players to control only four characters, so it is necessary to purchase character usage rights or the full version.
We hope that Project L will allow players to control many characters, even though it is free to play the basic game.

Ilaoi's participation was also announced.

IlaoiIlaoiProject L

The announcement also announced the entry of a new fighter, Ilaoi.

It also means that there will be another announcement within 2022.
Tom Cannon is on his way to Las Vegas for Evo this weekend, so we can expect to see some announcements at Evo.
Let's continue to wait for new information on Project L to be announced before the end of the year.

The latest information and video of LoL's case game "Project L" is released for the first time in 2 years! An exhilarating competitive game in Tag Badr!
The latest information and video of LoL's case game "Project L" is released for ...

Riot Games exhibited the latest information of a fight game and a game play animation of the LoL fact developed at present "League of Legends". A figh

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