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Clash in Mahjong! Collaboration distribution of "hololive" and SEGA NET MAHJONG MJ will be held on July 29

Clash in Mahjong! Collaboration distribution of

The "Transcendence Exhibition," a mahjong tournament featuring eight talents from the popular VTuber group "hololive," will start at 19:00 on July 29, 2022 (Friday)!
This tournament is a collaboration project with "Sega NET Mahjong", an arcade mahjong game that can be played on smartphones and PCs.
The key visual is illustrated by Zinkai(@zinkai) and the tournament logo is drawn by calligrapher Sokyo(@sokyo1226).
Don't miss this special one-night-only battle!

Who will appear in the "Transcendence Exhibition"?

This tournament was held to celebrate the 9th anniversary of MJ Mobile's major update.
The 8 participating talents will compete in a tournament format!

Aki Rosenthal (@akirosenthal)

Aki Rosenthal hololive

Fubuki Shirakami (@shirakamifubuki)

Fubuki Shirakamihololive

Mio Ookami (@ookamimio)

Mio Ookami hololive

Pekora Usada (@usadapekora)

Pekora Usadahololive

Shiranui Flare (@shiranuiflare)

Shiranui Flare hololive

Lui Takane (@takanelui)

Lui Takane hololive

Koyori Hakui (@hakuikoyori)

Koyori Hakuihololive

Chloe Sakamata (@sakamatachloe)

Chloe Sakamatahololive

In addition, Maki Asami, a pro from the Japan Professional Mahjong Association, and Akina Mizuhara, a pro from the Japan Professional Mahjong Association, will appear as commentators on the hololive's official channel on the day of the event!

Maki Asami Pro (@makimakinncho)

Maki AsamiPR TIMES
  • Member of Japan Professional Mahjong Association
  • Term of membership: 35th semester
  • League: Women's A League
  • Place of birth:Saitama Prefecture

Akina Mizuhara Pro (@akn19mj)

Akina Mizuhara ProPR TIMES
  • Japan Professional Mahjong Association
  • Year of admission: 42nd term (1st semester)
  • League: Women's A League
  • Birthplace:Nagasaki
Outline of "Transcendence Exhibition
Date and Time Friday, July 29, 2022, 19:00 - 21:00
Broadcast YouTube channel of each participating talent and hololive official YouTube channel
Cast Host: Friend A
Live Commentary: Maki Asami (Japan Professional Mahjong Association)
Commentary: Akina Mizuhara (Supreme Championship Japan Professional Mahjong Association)
Contestants: Aki Rosenthal, Fubuki Shirakami, Mio Ohgami, Pekora Usada, Flare Shiranui, Rui Takamine, Koyori Hiroi, Kuroe Shabanasha
Rules One game of Tofu in the preliminary round, and one game of the final round between the top two players in each game.

What is Sega NET Mahjong MJ?


Realistic reproduction of tiles and hand movements! This arcade mahjong game is popular for its overwhelming sense of realism and hot game presentation. It can be played on smartphones and PCs!
For more information, please visit the official "MJ Series" website.

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