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Behaviour Interactive Announces Dead by Daylight for Mobile

Behaviour Interactive Announces Dead by Daylight for Mobile

Survival horror game "Dead by Daylight", created by Canadian company Behaviour Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios, is said to have over 12 million players across the world.
The game gained popularity in Japan after model Honda Tsubasa posted a review of the game on her youtube channel ほんだのばいく(Honda no Baiku) (one of only two videos).
This same game will soon make its iOS/Android debut as announced by the company.

Survival Horror Meets Asymmetric Multiplayer

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayers asymmetrical battle survival horror action game (mouthful).
Originally released in June of 2016 for Windows, and in July 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One. The game was later released in Japan for PS4 in April of 2018 as Dead by Daylight: Special Edition.

Simply put, the game puts four players (survivors) against one (killer) in a hide-and-seek type of game.
The players are put in a restricted area with the killer doing their best to well... kill all of the survivors. The players are forced to cooperate with each other, sometimes even sacrificing one player in order for the team to escape the area.
So, basically, if the killer catches all of the survivors, they win. Although, should the survivors wind up escaping from the area, it's their win.

In order to get out of the area, the survivors must fix power generators that are spread across the field. This might seem like it would make it easy for the killer to catch the survivors, but while the survivors have a wide field of vision in third person view, the killer is stuck with a narrower, first person view.

Full of Popular Characters

Alongside original Dead by Daylight characters, famous characters from famous horror franchises also appear in the game as playable characters.
These include the Boogeyman from "Halloween", Leatherface from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Freddy Kruger from "Nightmare on Elm Street", Amanda Young from "SAW 2", and Ghostface from "Scream" are all playable characters!

As for the survivors, Laurie Strode from "Halloween", Quentin Smith from "Nightmare on Elm Street", Detective Tapp from the "SAW" series, Ash Williams from "The Evil Dead", and Bill from "Left 4 Dead' will be making appearances.

the Long Awaited Mobile Version

Following trends like PUBG and Fortnite which have seen popularity on both PC and mobile, and even have competitions exclusively for mobile players, there are plans for "Dead by Daylight" to debut a mobile version.
Especially in places like Asian countries where mobile gamers are especially large in number, the audience for a mobile version of "Dead by Daylight" is definitely there.
There are of course plans for develop the game to make it easy to operate on a smartphone.

Dead by Daylight Mobile
Dead by Daylight Mobile
DbD Mobile
Dead by Daylight Mobile
Dead by Daylight Mobile
DbD Mobile

Release Date

The iOS/Android version of Dead by Daylight is due to be released at the end of this year, but price is unknown. Hopefully we'll get to see a free-to-play version like PUBG and Fortnite?
The company also released a special trailer to go along with the announcement of the game.

For additional information, check the Dead by Daylight Official Site or the Dead by Daylight Official Twitter !

Dead by Daylight Mobile
Dead by Daylight Mobile
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