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Apple announces new information on Apple Arcade!

Apple announces new information on Apple Arcade!

Apple's developer event "WWDC2019" is here again! Many fans are eagerly waiting to see what will be announced at every event!
This year, the new Mac Pro, iPadOS, and the new 6K display Pro Display XDR have been announced and have become the talk of the town.
However, the most interesting news from Saiga NAK' point of view is the new information about the "Apple Arcade"!

WWDC 2019

What is "Apple Arcade"?

Apple Arcade is a computer game subscription service scheduled to launch in the fall of 2019.
It is attracting attention as a competitor to PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass.
Supported operating systems have been announced as macOS, iOS, and tvOS, and the recently announced iPadOS will probably be supported as well.

For more information on Apple Arcade, check out the official Apple website!

What is the new information that you are interested in?

You must be wondering about the new information about Apple Arcade announced at WWDC2019, right?
The new information announced are...

Apple TV Xbox One S PlayStation4

"Xbox One S Controller" and "Dual Shock 4 Controller for PlayStation 4"!

I was expecting Apple to release their own controllers at the same time as the release of Apple Arcade, so this is a real eye-opener!
You can now play Apple Arcade with the controller you're used to!

This announcement was made for tvOS, but it will be supported on iOS13 and iPadOS to be released in the future, so you can use the Xbox One S controller and Dual Shock 4 no matter which environment you play on.

Wait for more details to be announced!

Apple TV Xbox One S PlayStation4

Even though we have announced controller support, Apple Arcade itself will not be released until Fall 2019.
We won't be able to confirm the actual usability and stability of the connection until after the fall.
Stay tuned for more news on Apple Arcade!