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SoftBank Hawks enters "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League"

SoftBank Hawks enters

CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, TV Asahi, and Cygames are co-hosting a professional smartphone e-sports "Shadowverse" league in Japan called "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League. The RAGE Shadowverse Pro League is a professional smartphone e-sports "Shadowverse" league co-hosted by Cygames, TV Asahi, Inc. and Cygames, Inc.

About RAGE Shadowverse Pro League

The RAGE Shadowverse Pro League is a professional league for the full-fledged card game "shadowverse" for smartphones.
Unlike conventional public participation tournaments, RAGE will be Japan's premier e-Sports league, where professional players will compete against each other.
The league will open in May 2018 as a new and unprecedented e-Sports professional league, with open recruitment of players and a guaranteed minimum income (salary) for players who participate in the league.
Each match will be held at OPENREC STUDIO, one of the largest e-sports studios in Japan, and all matches will be broadcast live on "OPENREC.tv" and "AbemaTV". Anyone can watch the games, making it a leader in the e-sports industry in Japan.

SOFTBANK HAWKS to Participate

The "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League" will now be joined by "AXIZ", "au Detonation", "GxG", "Nagoya OJA Baby Star", "Yokohama F Marinos", "Yoshimoto Libalent", and "Levanga SAPPORO", and now it has been announced that Fukuoka SOFTBANK HAWKS Corporation, a newly established e-sports team, will be joining the tournament.
The Fukuoka SOFTBANK HAWKS will participate in the "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 19-20 Second Season" for the first time, which will start in October 2019.

Comment from Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Corp.

From the team

We, the Fukuoka SOFTBANK HAWKS, will be the 8th team to participate in the "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League".
We hope that we can make the league more exciting together, and that we can realize the slogan of the team, "Aim for the world's No. 1! ". We hope you will support us in our activities so that we can make the league more exciting together and realize our slogan, "Aim to be the best in the world!"


Fiercely Competitive Second Season

With the entry of the SOFTBANK HAWKS, the "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League" now has a total of 8 teams.
There have been many spectacular matches so far, but we expect the league to become even more intense.
For more information on the RAGE Shadowverse Pro League, please visit the official RAGE Shadowverse Pro League website.