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Aim for VTuber! REALITY holds VTuber Audition!

Aim for VTuber! REALITY holds VTuber Audition!

REALITY, a subsidiary of GREE, Inc., which operates the social game platform "GREE," announced that it would hold auditions for VTuber at its "REALITY STUDIO" starting on August 1, 2022.
"REALITY STUDIO" will support participants in taking off into the virtual world through this audition.



REALITY STUDIO is a virtual creative label that has produced a diverse range of talent ,including KMNZ (@kmnzlita, @kmnzliz), VESPERBELL (@vesper_kasuka, @vesper_yomi) ,and HACHI (@8HaChi_hacchi).
With its motion capture studio and RK Music, a virtual music label operated by a group company, the stage is set for talent to shine, whether virtual or real!
In addition, they produce and support not only the YouTube project but also various other projects such as song releases, music live performances, merchandise, fan clubs, crowdfunding, and more.

Aim for Virtual Talent! Audition Outline


The auditions will be divided into three categories of virtual talent: "ALL GENRE," "GAME," and "MUSIC."
REALITY's vision is "Be who you want to be and live."
If you pass the audition, the company will provide character designs and Live2D or 3D models for your performance, as well as YouTube and overall management support for your performance.
The application period is from August 1, 2022, at 15:00 to August 31, 2022, at 23:59(JST).
Please check the special website for the latest details on this audition.
You can also follow REALITY on Twitter (@REALITY_STUDIO_) for the updates!

Period 2022年8月1日(月)15:00〜2022年8月31日(水)23:59
Categories ・ALL GENRE
How to apply Apply from the special website for this audition.
Basic Requirements 1.Individuals with experience in streaming would like to challenge themselves as VTuber.
2.Those who is expected to be able to stream at least 3 days a week.
3.Those who is expected to be active continuously for more than 2 years.
4.Individuals who excel in some skill, such as singing, dancing, or gaming.
5.Any age, any gender, any nationality as long as you reside in Japan.
6.Have no binding contract with a specific production company, record company, etc.
Preferred Requirements 1.Those who can communicate in foreign languages.
2.Experience in creative activities such as video production, illustration, etc.