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The second official shop in Japan "Nintendo OSAKA" has been opened!

日本国内2店舗目のオフィシャルショップ「Nintendo OSAKA」オープン決定!

Nintendo " is a game company that represents Japan and the world. Nintendo has created countless popular characters and titles such as Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Metroid, etc. Nintendo has also released many home video game consoles, starting from the color TV "Game 15" to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is also the company that has made it commonplace to have at least one video game console in the home, starting with the Game 15 and continuing with the Nintendo Switch.
The first official Nintendo store in Japan, "Nintendo TOKYO," opened in November 2019 in Shibuya PARCO, where you can purchase the latest items and limited-edition items, including items of popular Nintendo characters. The shop is a dream place, with statues of popular characters and an interior decorated entirely by Nintendo, and even two years after its opening, admission is still limited on weekends and holidays. However, with only one store in Shibuya, Tokyo, it has been difficult to visit depending on where you live, but now the second official Nintendo store in Japan has been decided to open!

Nintendo OSAKA is now open!

Nintendo OSAKA
Nintendo OSAKA
任天堂 ニュースリリース

The second official Nintendo store in Japan, " Nintendo OSAKA ", will open at the end of 2022! As the name suggests, it will be located in Osaka, inside the Daimaru Umeda Store operated by Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co. The location is easily accessible from various train lines, so not only residents of Osaka but also those visiting Osaka on vacation can easily get there, but travelers should not get lost in the Umeda Dungeon!
The opening will be at the end of 2022, about a year from now, and more details will be announced later. We look forward to hearing more about the long-awaited "Nintendo OSAKA", the second official store in Japan! Please refer to Nintendo's news release for the details of the announcement!


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