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Get a "Victory Royale" at the new underwater stage! "Fortnite" announced "Chapter 2 - Season3"!

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Epic Games did a big update of the free battle royale game "Fortnite". "Chapter 2 - Season 3" will begin on the 17th of June in 2020.
In the new chapter of Season 2, the map goes underwater and new locations are added.
Players will have to ride sharks as a means to travel around as well as there are new weapons.

In this article, we would like to introduce what has changed in the new chapter!

"Chapter 2 - Season 3"

Don’t lose to water

Flooded map
Flooded map
Epic Games Fortnite Official Website

On the 16th of June on the last day of "Season 2", a one-time event called "The Device" has occurred. It booted "The Agency" in the middle of the map which caused a storm that destroyed the wall.
Because of the storm, the world has gone underwater so new locations like sea city are added.

Ride using reel

Water-skiing with a shark
Water-skiing with a shark
Epic Games Fortnite Official Website

A big part of the map is underwater and there are a lot of hungry and dangerous sharks. Players can ride them to move around the map.
By catching sharks with a fishing hook, players can ride it with water-ski.
One can also do such acrobatic moves as a turn and jump!

New enemies

New enemy -
New enemy - "Marauders"
Epic Games Fortnite Official Website

New enemy Marauders appear on the island one by one.
If you get too close to an enemy, it will attack you. You better protect yourself properly!
You can get weapons or healing items by killing Marauders, but they are powerful enemies so you should prepare before the battle!

New battle pass

With new chapter comes a new battle pass!
You can buy a normal version with 950V-Bucks or a bundle that can be used until 25 tier with 2800V-Bucks.
With 1500V-Bucks bundle come unique items, skin, and battle pass.
The last one is a very good deal because if you buy it now, it can be saved for the next season.


Customizable umbrella
Customizable umbrella
Epic Games Fortnite Official Website

A customizable umbrella comes with a battle pass!
You can unlock the parts or color of the umbrella by getting the battle pass of "Chapter2 - Season 3" and upgrading your level.
Show your original umbrella to your friends or players.

Let’s enjoy the underwater stage

That’s all of the new main features of the new season of "Chapter 2 Season 3".
With map going underwater scenery and atmosphere have changed a lot! Also, new elements were introduced!
There are other new elements and changes that we couldn’t introduce here, so please check them out!
Check Epic Games Fortnite Official Website for more information.

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