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Nintendo, SIE, and Microsoft, three major consumer companies, jointly announce policies to improve game safety


It is no exaggeration to say that we are now in the age of the total gamer. Almost everyone plays some kind of game, and "games" have become such an integral part of our lives.
Especially in recent years, thanks to the improvement of Internet technology, it has become possible to play games online without having to prepare a special environment.
While it is a wonderful experience to be able to play the same game with people you don't know where they live or what their names are, it has also created a lot of trouble.
To protect users in the online environment, Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Microsoft, three leading companies in the gaming industry, have jointly announced a " Game Safety Policy.

Prevention, Partnership, and Responsibility

The joint announcement by Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Microsoft is called " Towards Game Safety " and is aimed at improving the safety of game players, especially children, in the gaming community. The joint announcement is based on the following three principles
The company's efforts are based on the following three principles

Prevention: promoting an understanding of appropriate gaming experiences

  • Provide management features that allow users to customize their gaming experience. We support parents by providing the tools and information they need to help their children enjoy games appropriately.
  • Safety features should be convenient and easy to use. We will make information about safety-enhancing tools available to as many users and parents as possible through our products, customer support, website, and retail outlets.
  • We will continually inform users and parents through our Code of Conduct, Terms of Use, and their enforcement.
  • We will invest in technology to prevent users from being harmed by inappropriate conduct or content.

Partnership: We are committed to working with the gaming industry, regulators, law enforcement and the community to keep our users safe.

  • It is important to have a strong industry-wide commitment to safety. We believe that through collaboration within the industry, we can provide a safer gaming experience for the industry and all our users.
  • We will work with industry associations, industry companies, regulators, law enforcement agencies, and experts to develop and expand our efforts to increase safety in the online environment.
  • We will conduct joint research for the industry.
  • Under no circumstances should we tolerate hate, harassment, or disadvantage of younger users. We will work with our user community to encourage safe gaming behavior and the use of reporting tools to address abusive users.
  • We will work with rating agencies such as the ESRB, PEGI, and CERO to ensure that our games receive the appropriate rating.

Responsibility: Making our platform safe for all players

  • We make it easy for our users to report violations of our Code of Conduct. We will take appropriate legal action against offending players, including not only the removal of the content in question, but also the restriction of the use of our services.
  • We will comply with all lawful requests from law enforcement agencies in accordance with local laws. We will promptly notify law enforcement agencies in the event of confirmed violations or when we believe that users are at high risk of immediate harm.
  • We will publish the rules and requirements for using the platform. The continued use of the platform by the reported player will be contingent upon his or her understanding of these requirements.

This may sound a bit complicated, but to summarize, we will be doing industry-wide research to ensure that you can play the game safely and securely! And we will not tolerate malicious violators! And we will never tolerate malicious violators! This is just a rough summary, so be sure to read the full text.
It would be reassuring no matter which manufacturer made the announcement, but Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Microsoft are like the Avengers of the video game industry.
In an age when anyone can easily play games online, I would like to support the efforts of these three companies that are thinking about the users.
For the full announcement, please visit the SEE Blog andMicorsoft News Center!


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