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New Nintendo Switch, enhanced battery will be released!

New Nintendo Switch, enhanced battery will be released!

We recently featured the new Nintendo Switch model on Saiga NAK.
With an enhanced battery, it can play for about 2 hours longer than the current model, but the price remains the same, so some of you may have been waiting until the new model was released to purchase it.
The release date for the new Nintendo Switch has been announced!

The release date is August 30!

The new Nintendo Switch was supposed to ship sequentially from late August at the announcement stage, but the release date has been officially set for Friday, August 30, 2019! Just barely in August!
Even though the new model will be released, the current model will be sold alongside it. Note that the current model is the one that is eligible for the "3,000 JPY coupon present campaign for downloading Nintendo Switch software and other items".
The red-based packaging will be the new model, but it may be safer to check with the store clerk if you are purchasing at a store.

Nintendo Switch current model


Nintendo Switch new model


Released at the same time as Astral Chain!

The release date of the new Nintendo Switch model on August 30 is also the release date of the new RPG "ASTRAL CHAIN" for Nintendo Switch!

"ASTRAL CHAIN" is a completely new action RPG created by a splendid production team: Takahisa Taura (director of "NieR: Automata"), Hideki Kamiya (supervisor of "Okami"), and Masakazu Katsura (character designer of "I''s").
You can be sure that this will be the first title you will play on the new Nintendo Switch model!

For more information about the new Nintendo Switch model, please visit Nintendo's official website, and for more information about "ASTRAL CHAIN", please visit Nintedo "ASTRAL CHAIN"!

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