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Curecos "#My Best Cosplay 2022" Grand Prix! A new heroine of the cosplay world is born!

Curecos "#My Best Cosplay 2022" Grand Prix! A new heroine of the cosplay world is born!

Curecos, an online service that allows cosplayers from around the world to support cosplayers and obtain NFTs.
"Curecos #My Best Cosplay 2022" contest from December 2022 to discover new heroines of the cosplay world.Grand prix winner and four prize winners were finally selected. These girls are sure to make the cosplay industry even more exciting!

求むコスプレ界のニューヒロイン!「Curecos #マイベストコスプレ2022」開催

The results of "#MyBestCosplay2022" have been announced!

#マイベストコスプレ2022 PR TIMES

Curecos" is a platform for cosplayers to have their cosplay works evaluated and for fans to support cosplayers. Cosplayers can use their accounts as a portfolio of their activities by posting their own cosplay photos. Cosplay fans can also use the account as a place to discover new cosplayers and support cosplayers' activities through likes and paid comments.

"Curecos #My Best Cosplay 2022" will be held from December 2022 with the aim of creating opportunities for cosplayers to be active through "Curecos" and providing new points of contact with fans. The grand prix winner, Kau Toriumi (@kau_toriumi ), will be featured as an advertising model in the cosplay magazine COSPLAY MODE and on the cover of the event pamphlet for Japan's leading cosplay event "acosta! The five winners will also receive an interview in the "Curecos Plus", a cosplay media site run by curecos.


#MyBestCosplay2022 Winners Announced!

Grand Prix Kau Toriumi


Award comment

Hello, I am Kau Toriumi. Thank you very much for giving me the wonderful result of first place in the contest! We are really happy that you took the time to support us...! This is not the first time I have participated in a contest like this, and I have participated in various media, but each time there are people who support me, and I am very grateful for the results. Like the publication in the paper, I am very happy when the result is left in the form of a memory and in everyone's hands. I will continue to work hard so that I can give back to everyone who supports me by giving them something wonderful, so please continue to support me in 2023!


Runner-up Hitomin



Thank you for winning 2nd place in Curecos My Best Cosplay 2022


Thank you very much! I was so surprised that I won. I am very honored and grateful for the result. Thank you to everyone who supported me. It is the most fun to be my favorite character or wear my favorite costume and show myself off, but it makes me even happier and more encouraged when I have people cheering for me. I want as many people as possible to see my cosplay, so I will continue to improve my quality and do my best in my activities.


Semi-Grand Prix Suzu Butterfly


Award comment

First of all, thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy year-end and New Year holidays to support me and to everyone who got to know me through Curecos


First of all, I would like to thank all of you who took time out of your busy year-end and New Year holidays to support us. I myself was able to see many wonderful works during the period. I have been cosplaying for about 20 years now with a focus on regional development, but I have always loved original costumes as much as copyrighted ones, and even went to Okinawa to shoot with a mermaid tail. I'm so happy to have won third place in such a memorable year of contests! Encouraged by this award, we will continue to do our best in the future!


4th place winner: Usagi Libra

天秤うさぎ PR TIMES


Thank you very much for selecting me for My Best Cosplay 2022...! I was delighted and surprised at the same time, as I did not expect to win a prize. Thank you to the photographers who took wonderful pictures, to everyone who supported me, and to the judges for this wonderful opportunity. I hope to continue challenging myself with creative cosplay filled with my favorite elements, in addition to copyrighted works. My activities on Twitter and Curecos may be slow and meticulous, but I will continue to have fun and improve the quality of my work...! Thank you very much for your support.


5th place winner Nagiho Kumomo



Thanks to everyone who supported me, I was able to win 5th place! Thank you very much. I was told that this was an original cosplay, not an existing character, and I wanted to be this girl in this kind of costume! I am glad that there were some who liked our original cosplay and were faithful to their desires. I hope that the circle of original cosplay will continue to expand!


hope that 2023 will be a fun year of cosplay and Curecos for everyone



Comments from the judges have arrived!

Daimon Taro ( @daimontaro)


Editor-in-Chief of the cosplay magazine "COSPLAY MODE"


Launched the first issue of the cosplay magazine "COSPLAY MODE" in 2002. He has worked on many magazines including men's entertainment magazines and women's fashion magazines. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of "VTuber mode," president of the Japan Maid Association, and a visiting professor at Kagawa Junior College.

General comments

As a judge, it was very difficult to judge


Everyone seemed to understand their own strengths and expressed them in their own unique way. In an event like this, where there are no fixed criteria for selection, I think the best thing to do is to believe in your own way of expression. In addition to this, I feel that the five prize winners were able to characterize themselves. If you can make yourself known as a character, you can use that character and play with it again. I feel that Kaou Toriumi, who won the first prize this time, excelled in this respect. Costume play, which stands for "Costume Play," tends to focus on the costume, but this year's selection focused on the makeup. Although it is at odds with the aforementioned characterization of oneself, transforming into something different from one's own face is one of the joys and pleasures of cosplay. The diversity of cosplay is immeasurable, but this year's judging was based on the two points of "making oneself into a character" and "becoming a face different from oneself. All of the entries were excellent, and I could feel the new possibilities of cosplay since the beginning of the year. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


acosta![acosta] Nishizawa ( @acosta_info)


"You can shoot! You can play! You can interact! is the concept behind acosta!, a cosplay event held in various locations throughout Japan, mainly in the Kanto and Kansai regions.

General comments

Thanks to

everyone who participated in My Best Cosplay 2022


It was a lot of fun to see the wide variety of cosplay photos again this year. Many of the costumes were of high quality, and some of the pictures seemed to tell a story of some sort, making it difficult to decide who to vote for. I hope your wonderful cosplay will continue to enliven the industry in 2023! Thank you very much.


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