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golf added to "nintendo switch sports" with free update coming tuesday, november 29, 2022!

「Nintendo Switch Sports」にゴルフが追加!2022年11月29日(火)に無料アップデートで配信開始!

Nintendo Switch Sports," a game software exclusively for Nintendo Switch that can be played by intuitively shaking the Joy-Con and allows anyone to enjoy sports at home, will receive a free update on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, seven months after its release! Today, seven months after its launch, a free update was released on November 29, 2022 (Tuesday), adding golf to the game's lineup of sports! With this update, a total of seven sports can now be played, adding volleyball and badminton, bowling and soccer, and chambara and tennis. This time, we will introduce you to the new golf and the Nintendo Switch " Nintendo Switch Sports Set " that is scheduled to be released soon!

Golf is now available in "Nintendo Switch Sports"!

Golf is a sport where players compete to get around the course with the lowest score (number of shots).

The rules are the same in the new "Nintendo Switch Sports" version of golf, where players swing the Joy-Con to send the ball flying and aim for the cup in as few shots as possible, just like in real golf. The winner is the player with the lowest score.

Golf includes a total of 21 holes!

"Nintendo Switch Sports"に収録されているゴルフホール任天堂ホームページ

Nintendo Switch Sports" includes 21 holes of golf from the "Wii Sports" series with a great view.

"Nintendo Switch Sports"に収録されているゴルフホール任天堂ホームページ

The stage features a large L-shaped hole with an expansive fairway, a hole surrounded by trees that can become obstacles, ahole where the green is surrounded by the ocean, and many more.


Before you hit the ball, you'll need to do some swinging!


"Nintendo Switch Sports" golfers can check the strength and direction of their swing by taking a swing before hitting the ball. The secret to success is to look at the course map and adjust the amount of force according to the point you want to hit the ball. In addition, each hole has its own wind direction and speed, and the wind direction and speed shown in the upper right corner of the screen must be taken into account when hitting. Check the wind direction in advance and adjust the direction of your shot!

On the green, check the elevation!


Once on the green, roll the ball with the putter and aim for the cup, just as in the normal golf rules. However, it is not always possible to just hit the ball straight to the cup. This is because the green has a difference in elevation, and you need to take into account the bend of the ball. Also, the further away from the cup, the more difficult it becomes, and the more you need to consider and adjust the strength and direction of your shot. If you are trying to get a cup in on the green, be sure to check the elevation difference first!

You can play with up to 8 players! Survival Golf


In general, golf is played with a maximum of four players per team, but "Nintendo Switch Sports" offers a "Survival Golf" mode that allows up to eight players to play together!


In "Survival Golf," up to eight players can play together around the course at the same time, with the player with the highest number of shots being eliminated first. Keep your score low until the end to win!

An all-in-one set will be available on Friday, December 16, 2022!

"Nintendo Switch Sports セット"任天堂ホームページ

How was it? This is a great update for those who usually enjoy golf or have always wanted to play golf once.

The all-in-one set includes a Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch Sports (downloadable version), leg bands, and a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online voucher. quot; Nintendo Switch Sports Set " will be released on Friday, December 16, 2022! As a free bonus, the set will also include a 12-month (365 days) Nintendo Switch Online voucher, so you can start playing online as soon as you receive it!
This is a great opportunity for those who have always wanted to play, or for those who own "Nintendo Switch Sports" to use it as a gift for Christmas. For more information about the Nintendo Switch "Nintendo Switch Sports Set", please visit the My Nintendo Store product page.


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