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"Super Noda Game WORLD" titles such as "Nobu - NOBU" with Chidori Nobu as the main character and "Evil Way Verse" funded by Cygames are released!


Crystal Noda (@nodacry) is a very popular comedian who has won the "R-1 Grand Prix 2020" and the "M-1 Grand Prix 2020.
In addition to being a comedian, he also utilized his programming skills to release " Super Nodage Party " in 2021, which became a huge hit, selling approximately 100,000 units.
Crystal Noda and Hiroyuki Goto of Kayak, a fun corporation, jointly developed "Super Noda Game WORLD" as a sequel to "Super Noda Game PARTY," and the game titles included in the game have been revealed!
Some of the titles have been enhanced with the addition of an online battle function, making them even more exciting than their predecessors!

ユニークなタイトル目白押し!「Indie World 2022.5.11」発表内容まとめ!

Super Noda Game WORLD" was funded by 5,254 people.

Super Nodage WORLD

The crowd-funding campaign for the development of "Super Noda Game WORLD," a sequel to the previous title, was a huge success, raising 42.45 million yen from 5,254 investors.
In addition to the donations and support for the development, the crowdfunding returns included the following

  • The right to create game sound effects
  • The right to have your photos of spectacular scenery appear in the game.
  • The right to have the layout of your house used as a map in an RPG
  • The right to design rare cards for card battle games
  • The right to be a spectator in a fighting game
  • The right to have your pet appear in a game
  • The right to become the middle boss

and more.
There are more than 3,000 materials collected through these returns, and games are being developed that make the most of these materials.

Everyone's Suspension Leather

Suspension straps for everyone

Based on the "Suspension Leather," a story performed at the M-1 Grand Prix, this title, which was very popular at the previous "Super Noda Game Party," now supports online play!
In addition to the ability for up to 20 players to play against each other, players can select stages from about 40 routes in Japan and overseas.
Tunnels and inclines have also been added.


evil berth

Don't worry about Shadowverse being too much of a tease.
The "Evil Birth" was created with an investment of 5 million yen from Cygames, Inc.
Players play against each other by cheating without being detected while operating their hands.
Be careful, because you will be penalized if your cheating is pointed out!


信 〜NOBU〜

The action game "Nobu" was funded by the comedian Nobu of the comedy group Chidori.
The game is set in a different world, where players are weakened when they take damage, from wearing a yoroi, to plain clothes, to wearing only underpants, and so on.
Aim to clear the game by attacking various enemies and gimmicks!

Ashi Kogi Racing

Ashi Kogi Racing
Ashi Kogi Racing

Ashi Kogi Racing" is a racing game in which you sit in a gaming chair.
The game is based on the well-known " AKRacing " game, and players aim to reach the goal by kicking the ground at the right time and reclining to reduce air resistance.

No need to get together, Animal Kingdom

無理して集まらなくていいよ​ どうぶつの国​
You don't have to get together, Animal Kingdom.

This is a first-person game in which players explore fields such as forests and deserts and use the camera to capture animals at their leisure.
All of the more than 300 animals that appear in the game are pictures of the investors' pets, and the animals you find are saved in the "Animal Book.
The excitement is even greater when you are able to photograph your own animal.

In addition to the titles introduced here, a total of 20 other titles will be included in the game, including updates such as "Super Smash and Grab," "Super Voice Decay," "Kaitenmeshi," "Macho Atsume," and more.

The Nintendo Switch title "Super Nodage WORLD" will be released on Thursday, July 28, 2022 for 1,600 yen!
Please check our official Twitter account (@nodaparty) for the latest information!

Comment from Crystal Noda

It was so difficult to create this game the year after I won the M-1 championship that I lost my mind.
However, the crowdfunding campaign attracted more than 5,000 investors and raised more than 40 million yen, nearly three times the amount of the previous game.
This game was made with nearly three times the budget of the previous one, but the volume, quality, and attention to detail of the content was about 10 times greater.
If I were to explain each game individually, there would be no end to how interesting they all are.
It's fun to play with others, and it's also fun to play alone in silence.
There is also online competition, so you will never get bored.
Just give it a try! You can do it for the rest of your life!



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