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CyberZ Announces Domestic Release of "PLAYHERA"

CyberZ Announces Domestic Release of

CyberZ, Inc. announced the Japanese release of PLAYHERA, a community platform that makes it easy to hold e-sports tournaments online, at OPENREC STUDIO on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.

Even online management is possible!

"PLAYHERA" is a platform that makes it easy to organize e-sports tournaments online.
The appeal of this platform is that it allows for one-stop operation and management of everything from user entry to tournament creation to tournament progression.
The beta version of the "PLAYHERA" smartphone application was released on Tuesday, September 10.


The main features of "PLAYHERA" are

  • The "PLAYHERA" application can be used for everything from entry to tournament progression.
  • Users can use the "PLAYHERA" application for free and participate in various tournaments.
  • Communication between the organizer and players and between players is possible through the "PLAYHERA" chat function.
  • Room numbers and server IDs shared with opponents can be shared in the chat box on the match screen.
  • PUSH notifications allow for smooth and user-first tournament progression.
  • SNS functions specialized for e-sports are available. (Beta version)

The service is designed to be easy to use not only for tournament management but also for participants.

Since the service is currently in beta, tournaments can only be hosted by tournament organizer accounts provided by "PLAYHERA" to certain IP holders, organizers, communities, and others.
Those who wish to host tournaments are invited to apply on the official "PLAYHERA" website.

CyberZ Establishes Subsidiary

In order to operate "PLAYHERA", CyberZ plans to establish "PLAYHERA JAPAN Corporation" as a joint venture with RIZeST Corporation as a consolidated subsidiary.
The company will be headed by Shingo Otomo, the general producer of "RAGE", the largest e-sports event in Japan, which is jointly operated by CyberZ, Avex, and TV Asahi.
It is expected that "RAGE" will be held at "PLAYHERA" in the future.

Shingo Otomo of "RAGE" also commented on Twitter about this announcement, saying, "I will do everything in my power to make this a must-service in the sports world."


Promoting the spread of e-sports tournaments

The awareness of e-sports itself is increasing and the population is growing, but organizing an "e-sports tournament" is a hurdle, and it tends to be a matter of participating in existing tournaments.
With the advent of "PLAYHERA", which makes it easy and simple to organize and manage e-sports tournaments, the Japanese e-sports industry as a whole is expected to become more active.

For more information on "PLAYHERA", please visit the official "PLAYHERA" website.
The beta version of "PLAYHERA" can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS andGoogle Play for Android.

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