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One of the most popular pokémon works has been remade "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl" announced!

ポケモン史上屈指の人気作がリメイク決定「ポケットモンスター ブリリアントダイヤモンド・シャイニングパール」発表!

The "Pokémon" series has been attracting men and women of all ages all over the world since the first "Pokémon Red and Green" was released on February 27, 1996.
On "Pokémon Presents," which aired on February 27, 2021 (Saturday) at 0:00 on "Pokémon Day," the 25th anniversary of the series, the latest footage of the "New Pokémon Snap," "Pokémon Sword Shield," and "Pokémon: The Last Airbender" were shown. Sword Shield," "Pokémon Café Mix," "Pokémon GO," "Pokémon Masters EX," and the announcement of the latest in the series, " Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus &quot Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus ", the latest in the Pokémon series.
There was a lot of exciting information, but it was that news that made Pokémon trainers all over the world happy!
Pokémon Diamond Pearl, one of the most popular games in the series, will be remade!

Let's explore the new and nostalgic "Shin-Ou Region"!

Pokémon Diamond Pearl " was released on the Nintendo DS in September 2006.
Excluding minor changes and remakes, this is the fourth title in the series and is one of the most popular titles in the series.
Every time new Pokémon information has been announced, there has been a clamor for a remake, and the trending word on social networking sites has been " Dipa Remake," but now it has been officially announced as " Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The development of this new game was done by "Pokémon Pearl".

The development of this title is being handled by ILCA Corporation, which is also involved in "Pokémon HOME". The two directors are Yuichi Ueda of ILCA andJunichi Masuda of Game Freak.
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch's specs to create beautiful graphics, while the city and road fields are the same size as in the original version.
For newcomers, the adventure in the "Shin-Oh Region" will be fresh, and for those who played the game back in the day, it will be a nostalgic experience.


The Pokémon battles, on the other hand, have been reborn with the realism and intensity of the latest series, so you can enjoy battles with a different feel.


Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" will be released simultaneously worldwide in the winter of 2021!
More information will be announced as it becomes available, so stay tuned!
For more information, please check the newly released "Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl" official website!


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