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Samspi's latest release date of "SAMURAI SPIRITS" finally decided from SNK

SNKからサムスピ最新作「SAMURAI SPIRITS」発売日がついに決定

The release date of SNK's new "SAMURAI SPRITS" was announced at the SAMURAI SPIRITS presentation held on April 5, 2019 at 11am.

Compatible hardware and release date

  • PS4 and Xbox One will be released on June 27, 2019 (CERO rating D for ages 17 and up).
  • Nintendo Switch and PC will be released in winter 2019
  • Arcade version will be available in summer 2019

The product lineup on PS4 and Xbox One will be 7,200 yen + tax for the standard version (package/download), 2,000 yen + tax for the season pass with 4 DLC characters, and 9,200 yen + tax for the DELUXE PACK, which includes the standard version and season pass.

Concept and System

In addition to the 13 popular characters of the past, three new characters will be added to the "SAMURAI SPRITS" series.

The concept behind the creation of the new game was "inheritance," "evolution," and "innovation," and UNREAL ENGINE 4 was adopted as the game engine.

Inheriting the world view of the series, the game has evolved into a delicate, beautiful, and ultimate visual beauty.

The game's gameplay pursues the reality of serious competition by adopting popular systems from the series, such as the "Anger Gauge," "Issen" and "Secret Secrets.

New "Ghost" System

A new feature of this title, "Ghosting," was also announced.
This feature allows the AI to learn your behavior patterns through offline matches and automatically create your ghost (alter ego).
This feature will allow players to play against their AI-generated selves, or in mock battles against the world's top players at any time.

Selected for eSports event title

The game has been selected as a tournament title for EVO 2019, which will be held in August 2019, and has also been added to the SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019, and its future prospects are promising.

New characters unveiled! The long awaited new trailer release!

New trailer released to show all the characters. It's so unusual! It's so cool. We can't wait for the release!
Samurai Shodown New Game - All Characters Reveal

For more information, please visit the official "SAMURAI SPRITS" website.


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21641SNKからサムスピ最新作「SAMURAI SPIRITS」発売日がついに決定
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Samurai Spirits will be released in the next-generation Xbox "Xbox Series X /S"!
Samurai Spirits will be released in the next-generation Xbox "Xbox Series X /S"!...

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