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Animated and gameization is also in progress! The idol project "STATION IDOL LATCH" with the motif of each station of the Yamanote Line is started!

アニメ化やゲーム化も進行中!山手線の各駅をモチーフにしたアイドルプロジェクト「STATION IDOL LATCH」が始動!

AOI Pro., Amuse, and Origamix Partners are working with various creators to develop and produce original IP as part of the AAO Project. As part of the "AAO Project," an idol project based on the motif of each station on the Yamanote Line, " STATIONIDOLLATCH! The project has been announced as an anime, manga, game, and novelization in progress.

All 30 stations on the Yamanote Line are the motif of the idol!


This project is a story about 30 idols, whose motifs are inspired by all 30 stations on the Yamanote Line and the characteristics of their towns, working as station staff and engaging in idol activities to enliven their towns, and energize the whole country from the Yamanote Line under the supervision and cooperation of East Japan Railway Company (JR East).
A teaser video was also released on the project's official YouTube channel.
Starting June 3, a voice drama will be distributed weekly on the official YouTube channel, and in the future, music releases, events, live performances, and fan-participation projects will also be developed.

A star-studded cast has also been announced one after another!


Kensho Ono will play the role of Suzune Tokaijirin at Tokyo Station, Atsushi Tamaru will play Yuki Shindo at Shinjuku Station, Nobunaga Shimazaki will play Mikado Aobazuku at Ikebukuro Station, Tetsuei Sumitani will play Rui Utsusemi at Otsuka Station, Masahiro Ito will play Umiharu Suwa at Nishinippori Station Ryohiro Aoyama will play the role of Yuya Taketune at Takadanobaba Station.
The company will continue to announce more cast members in the future.

Comment from Kensho Ono (who plays Suzune Tokaibayashi)


When I first heard about the project, I thought it was very interesting that the station staff of the Yamanote Line would be involved in idol activities. The idols reflect the characteristics of the station and the city, and I am looking forward to playing them.
I think Tokyo Station itself is evolving while retaining the good old atmosphere, and I hope to show you how I, along with Tokaihayashi, will continue to grow.
I would be very happy if you could support this project so that it will be a long-lasting content that, like the Yamanote Line, does not have a terminal station.


Comment from Atsushi Tamaru (playing the role of Yui Kando)


I thought it was very interesting to have an idol associated with a station. Kando is in charge of Shinjuku Station. It is a familiar station that I also use. I am very happy to be in charge of such a station. I went to the site with the same spirit of carrying not only the work and the characters, but also the station on my back.
I would be happy if everyone could feel what Kando is like when they pass by Shinjuku Station in the future.


Comment from Nobunaga Shimazaki (playing the role of Hikaru Kato Aoba)


I thought the concept of "station attendant idol" was interesting. They are not anthropomorphic, but rather station employees. And since the Aoba Owls are a legendary trio, I hope to make Ikebukuro Station and the Yamanote Line more lively with my friends while giving them a good sense of legitimacy and a sense of seniority. We look forward to working with you!


Comment from Ryota Aoyama (Yuya Takeyoshi)


My name is Ryota Aoyama, and I play the role of Yuya Takeyoshi. When I heard about the role, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun! I was a mixture of feeling excited and anxious since it was my first time to play the role.
Takeyoh is a very efficient character who can handle anything without a hitch, but he also has a character of clearly saying "I don't like what I don't like! He was not very enthusiastic about the job at first. I would like to express the change in his feelings as to how he becomes an idol.
I myself am still a work in progress, but I would like to grow together with Takeyong and play my role to the best of my ability. I look forward to working with you!


Comment from Tetsuei Sumitani (actor playing the role of Rui Sorasemi)


I am Tetsuei Sumitani, who plays the role of Rui Kuusemi. I am very happy to be able to voice Rui this time.
Actually, I got off at Otsuka Station for the first time after I was chosen for the role, and I found the area around the station to be prosperous with many new stores and buildings, but walking around for a bit, you can also feel the downtown atmosphere of the batting center, which is a very attractive town.
I would like to energetically and cheerfully make Rui's station the most loved by everyone through voice dramas and character songs to achieve his goal of "making Otsuka Station the most popular station in Japan.


Comment from Masahiro Ito (playing the role of Umiharu Suwa)


My name is Masahiro Ito, and I play the role of Umiharu Suwa. When I learned that I was given the opportunity to play this role, I felt both a sense of mission and excitement to convey the charm of Kaiharu-kun and Nishinippori.
Kaiharu is the youngest of the LATCH! members and is very gifted, but he also has a human gap in that he is susceptible to sudden accidents. We hope to show everyone how he grows up, how seriously he takes things, and how attractive he is as an idol.
I will do my best so that everyone will say "Nishi-Nippori shines the brightest on the Yamanote Line," so please give me your support!


The audition project "STATION IDOL LATCH!

In conjunction with the ongoing audition "Tell us your guess #Suggestion Yell", there will be a "STATION IDOL LATCH!
The theme song will be "LATCH! ~That's the door to the future~" with lyrics by Yukinojo Mori and music by Yuki Tsujimura and Ken Ito.

Other projects will be unveiled one after another!

The "AAO Project" includes "GLORY DAYS" with Hiroaki Samura as the original character designer, "Geki Beni no Red Eye" written and illustrated by Daruma Matsuura, and "quot;FRINGE /RARAE" designed by Wakka Hirako. quot;FRINGE/RAID Fringe/Raid", Akemi Takada will participate in the original story and character design, "KANATETE POWER GEM", Seishi Nishida of "TIGER & BUNNY" will write the original story and screenplay, "GOLDAYS", and "WOLDAYS" will be produced by Wiggy. GOLDAYS", in which Seishi Nishida of "TIGER & BUNNY" will participate with original story and screenplay, and "MONPAN", in which WIT STUDIO will participate with original story and screenplay.
Details of the staff and stories can be found on the official "AAO Project" website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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