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Street Fighter 6 First DLC Character Rashid Coming July 24th

Street Fighter 6 First DLC Character Rashid Coming July 24th

The first Year1 DLC character for Capcom's fighting game Street Fighter 6, Rashid, will be unlocked on July 24, 2023!
The Middle Eastern fighter with a penchant for acrobatic attacks joins the latest title!

Rashid Arrives! 2nd STREET FIGHTER 6 Fighting Pass 'Get Ready for Rashid!' Now Available!

Release date for Rashid on July 24

"The Soaring Eagle of the Desert" that fights using parkour. With the wind as his ally, he outfoxes opponents with his high mobility. Born into nobility, he's a carefree but earnest man. Loves video streaming.

  • Hates: Fighting women and children,load times, trolls
  • Likes: New stuff, movies, his friends
  • height: 178cm (5'10)
  • Weight: 85kg (187 lbs)

Rashid (Voice: IAN SINCLAIR), who made his debut in Street Fighter V, is back in Street Fighter 6! The Middle Eastern fighter, who outwits his opponents with high mobility and a whirlwind of parkour techniques, will be able to attack at an even faster pace with his drive system.


Rashid was dressed in a traditional Middle Eastern costume in Street Fighter V, especially his kufiya-like hood.
In Street Fighter 6, he wears his hair long to emphasize his use of wind and parkour.
Rashid also wears a camera on his chest belt and a smartwatch on his arm as he streams videos as a FooTuber.
Air is added to his sandals to emphasize his lightness and bouncing and running parkour movements.

Rashid in Battle

The new Arabian Cyclone special move can be used on its own, where Rashid performs a spinning kick that creates a small whirlwind, and can also be transitioned into Rolling Assault and Wing Stroke, which were previously available as V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.
In addition, certain special moves can install air currents with an enhancement effect similar to the Ysaar, which was used as a V-Trigger in the previous title, expanding the options for positioning.

Level 1 Super Arts is Super Rashid Kick and Level 3 Super Arts is Altair.

Meet Rashid

Of course, you will not only be able to use Rashid! You can meet and bond with Rashid on the World Tour and use his techniques in the Battle Hub!

おなじみのコスチューム「Outfit 2」
The Well-Known Costume「Outfit 2」

A must for Rashid fans!
There will also be an 'Outfit 2' costume!
Rashid will unlocked for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass on July 24, 2023.
If you're wondering what Rashid's gameplay is like... you can use one of the Rental Fighter Tickets available with the Fighting Pass to try out the game for free for one hour.

While we await Rashid's arrival, let's continue with the second Fighting Pass, Get Ready for Rashid, which was recently released!
Visit the official Street Fighter 6 website for more information.

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