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Street Fighter 6 Showcase Reveals Abundance of New Information

Street Fighter 6 Showcase Reveals Abundance of New Information

Street Fighter 6, the latest in the series, will be available on June 2, 2023.
With the new mode "WORLD TOUR" and new characters Jamie and Kimberly, many are anticipating a new chapter in Street Fighter's history.
The "Street Fighter 6 Showcase" presented over 30 minutes of new content on Street Fighter 6!
We summarize a large amount of information, including the start of the trial version distribution, new participating characters, and details of new modes!

Street Fighter 6 Showcase Unveils Massive Amount of New Information

The Street Fighter 6 Showcase launched on April 21, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. Japan time!
You have probably watched it in real time, but we are going to review the great amount of news once again!

Free Trial Versions of Street Fighter 6 Now Available on PS5 and PS4

A free demo version of Street Fighter 6 for PS5 and PS4 is available now on April 21, 2023 Japan time!
You can play the World Tour and Fighting Ground, which are described below.

It is possible to create avatars for use in the World Tour, and avatar data can be transferred to the full version of the game on the same platform!

Allows Players to Create Avatars and Explore

World Tour, which differs significantly from the traditional Street Fighter series.
The player creates an avatar that serves as the player's alter ego and advances through street battles to level up the main character.
This is a special mode with plenty of RPG features, where characters can be strengthened by skill points and equipment.
Those who have played fighting games will enjoy the game in a fresh way!


You can pause during battle to recover your energy with items, and if you learn the skill Drive Stall, to slow down the flow fo time and gain an advantage going into battle.
This new mode is likely to serve as an opportunity for beginners to get into Street Fighter 6.

Compete with Your Created Avatars in Avatar Battle

Avatar Battles, in which avatars created in the World Tour can compete against other players from around the world.
Customize your avatar in ways that are unimaginable in traditional Street Fighter, such as the combination of Zangief's "Screw Piledriver" and Dhalsim's "Style," for a victory!


You can create a Fighters Club with like-minded fighters!
Once you've set your basic club settings, you can create your original emblem and flyer, and even design a uniform for your club. Enjoy the interaction!

Includes Team Battle and Extreme Mode

チームバトルPR TIMES

Includes "Team Battle" and "Extreme Battle" in addition to the standard "Versus" mode!
In team battles, multiple characters can be selected to compete against each other in a winner-take-all or star-struck competition!
There will be more competition, including combinations of characters.

エクストリームバトルPR TIMES

Extreme battles have different rules and gimmicks than regular battles to determine the winner!
Train yourself on a daily basis to complete the tasks presented to you!

Test your skills in a rank match!

ランクマッチPR TIMES

The Ranked Match to test your skills against players from all over the world.
Street Fighter 6 introduces systems such as no LP reduction upon defeat and rank demotion protection for each rank, allowing fighters to challenge more easily and stress-free!

4 additional characters enter in Year 1!

Street Fighter 6 will continue to add new characters and new content after launch.
The four characters who will be participating in the competition after its launch have been revealed!

Additional Year 1 characters are included in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, so take this into consideration when making your reservations!

  • Summer 2023: Rashid
  • Autumn 2023: A.K.I.
  • Winter 2024: Ed
  • Spring 2024: Gouki

Play the demo version first!

Free demo versions of the PS5 and PS4 versions of Street Fighter 6 are available now!
Additionally, free trial versions of the Xbox Series X|S and Steam versions are now available!
Please visit the official Street Fighter 6 website and Twitter (@StreetFighterJA) for more information.

Street Fighter 6 collaborates with Baby Star Ramen Maru! Released "STREET FIGHTER vs Baby Star Ramen Maru (Double Combo Pepper Flavor)!
Street Fighter 6 collaborates with Baby Star Ramen Maru! Released "STREET FIGHTER vs ...

Street Fighter 6, the latest in the "Street Fighter 6" series, has announced a collaboration with Oyazuka Company's Baby Star Ramen Maru. The collabor